Mobile Innovations a Response to Ad Market

via Digiday

via Digiday

As they grapple with uneven mobile ad rates and inventory, publishers are looking inward to construct new models.

Digiday reports that Yahoo is releasing Gemini, its mobile-specific native ad server, while Forbes, Say Media, and the Weather Company are following suit. Forbes‘s “info cards” ads will appear in its content stream, and will be swiped through like editorial content. The ads will encompass the screen, as opposed to appearing as a banner. Indeed, publishers across the board are finding mobile banners ineffective.

“In all other mediums, the ads appear within natural breaks,” Forbes‘s Mark Howard told Digiday. “One of the nice things about being confined to small screens on mobile is that it’s forcing us to put the ads within breaks as well.”

Say Media will focus on responsive mobile ads that will maintain their look and feel across all platforms; the Weather Company, for its part, is concentrating on targeted data rather than design and format.

To read more about publishers’ latest mobile ad efforts, visit Digiday.

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