More Impressions from the Same Users

Having fresh, valuable content is a great way to attract repeat website visitors

There are lots of ways to drive website traffic, and not all of them are purely online marketing techniques.

One way to boost website traffic is to focus on repeat (rather than unique) visitors. Repeat visitors are great because they increase the number of impressions served on you website and you’re not spending any marketing dollars to locate them.

To become frequent repeat visitors, users need to be given incentives to return to your website. Two great incentives are quality content and fresh content.

Users love websites that are updated throughout the day with valuable, relevant content.

We at the Mequoda Group grade a website’s content freshness in the following rubric:

  1. New content is available throughout the day
  2. New content is available daily
  3. New content is available weekly
  4. New content is available monthly
  5. The update schedule is infrequent or unclear

The above grading structure comes straight from our Internet Strategy for Publishers and Authors handbook. It has a total of 14 website design guidelines that can optimize your website’s performance.

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To capture a high repeat visitor count, your website should be in the A to B range. Anything else won’t generate a great number of repeat visitors. A good repeat visitor count has the same people visiting your website everyday.

If you are selling advertising on your website, then you should be frequently updating—especially if your advertisers pay on a Cost Per Impression (CPI) basis. Frequent updates greatly increases the number of impressions served for every unique visitor.

If you are not frequently updating your website, you are actually discouraging repeat visitors. You may spend marketing dollars to attract users to your website, but if they return a week later and find that nothing has changed say “see ya later,” because they aren’t coming back.


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