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Tips From Speakers Coming to SIPA Munich

In just over a month, SIPA Munich 2011 takes center stage. Set for April 6-8, the conference celebrates and delves into the international strands of SIPA and the specialized publishing industry. Here are preview highlights of 11 of the sessions:

1. “Apps will establish itself as a separate content category. German publishers have [already] recognized the potential. Zabert Sand’s first cook-App, ‘Alfons Beck’s Spices,’ rose to No. 2 on the German Apps-seller list.”
—from “5 Theses for the App Potential” by Alexander Trommen and Bernd Zanetti. Trommen, CEO of SmartRunner and Appsfactory in Germany, will lead an interactive roundtable called How Publishers are Building iPad and iPhone Applications.

2. The complexities of multi-channel marketing can be daunting and can seem to exponentially increase the variables a marketing manager must manage. The stakes are high, but for many publishers, innovatively delivering a higher ROI from their marketing Program through integrated multi-channel solutions is the key to success.
—Multi-Channel Marketing Panel will be led by Dr. Andreas Wagener, head of markets and revenues, Vogel Business Media, Germany

3. The centralization of cloud-based content raises issues about how to monetize it, system reliability, open vs. closed clouds and the potential for lock in (or lock out), all critical to the specialized information publisher.
—Michael Rosbach, director of sales, Scopevisio, Germany, will be leading this session, titled The Future: Beyond Content and Up Into the Cloud.

4. The story of Fleet Street Publications South Africa began in 1999 when Bill Bonner, owner and founder of Agora Inc and David Gibson, former managing director of Fleet Street Publications UK decided the time was ripe to open up an office on the tip of Africa. In just 11 years, the office has grown its subscriber base to more than 220 000 readers.
—Annabel Koffman, group publisher, Fleet Street Publications South Africa, will lead the session titled, The Trials and Tribulations of Marketing in a List Vacuum: South Africa: A Direct Marketing Case Study.

5. With over 700,000 users, DocCheck is one of the most heavily subscribed medical portals in the world. Around 8,000 new DocCheck users register each month.
—How to Make Social Media Work for Specialized Publishers features Dr. Frank Antwerpes, CEO, DocCheck, Germany.

6. “Sales reps don’t have the right sales skills. They need skills training. Our reps don’t listen like they should. Most business leaders are looking at sales challenges at the symptom level; but in reality, their basic selling assumptions and beliefs are not aligned with the buyer.”
—Rick Longenecker, president, The Armature Group, leads the session, Integrating Telesales Across Your Marketing Channels.

7. In 2010, Bob Coleman went a different route. “We killed our newsletters and created a website to replace them. If the information is news, then it’s free. If we provide research, analysis, trends or data, then we charge for that information.” It has been very successful.
—Bob Coleman, founder, Coleman Publishing, will lead an interactive roundtable on Webinars.

8. “The great joy of international marketing is that, in my view, you can very successfully market worldwide from one office—London in our case—and that’s what we still do today.”
—Richard Londesborough, managing director, Business Monitor International, UK; session title: Transforming a Print Media Company to an Online Multi-Media Powerhouse: A Case Study of Business Monitor International

9. Focusing on the development of internal intellectual capital and success in gaining commitment from and recruiting key personnel, the publishing arm of Edita PLC, Edita Publishing Oy, managed to increase operating profit in 2010. Learn the management incentives that were used to accomplish this.
—How to Manage a Multi-Media, Multi-Vertical Publishing Company During Times of Change will be led by Jarmo Rosenberg, managing director and publisher, Edita Publishing Oy, Finland

10. Hear a case study from 2010 reviewing what one company did, how it worked and what lessons can be learned from working with the ever-changing Google algorithm.
—Google AdWords: 2010 Review and Critique will be led by Patricia Sparacio, department head, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Germany.

11. “Attendees come from more than 17 countries and share knowledge that’s action-oriented, ‘take-home’ and ‘dig-in’ info—it’s just really good, high-level content. SIPA Munich is the kind of meeting that every senior level publisher needs to attend.”
—Andy McLaughlin, president of PaperClip Communications, will moderate the CEO Panel Discussion, among other duties.


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