Online Publishing Book Review: Event Marketing by Leonard H. Hoyle

Note: This review is part of our Top 20 Online Publishing Books to Read in 2009 series.

Increase Online Publishing Revenue – Schedule an Event

One aspect of a successful online publishing strategy is organizing events, such as a seminar, convention, exposition, or trade show. It’s an ideal way to promote your products and interact with customers.

Once you’ve set a date and secured your location, it’s time to market your event. An effective online publishing tool is to create a separate unique event website.

An event website is a single page with multiple daughter pages. These daughter pages might link to a heavier description, photos, testimonials or other marketing pieces related to a specific event or recurring event.

Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Expositions (The Wiley Event Management Series) by Leonard H. Hoyle has some great reasons for using the Internet to organize and prepare for your event:

Eight ways to utilize the Internet

  1. Communicate – online publishing activities such as websites, emails, list services, search engines, discussion groups, online ads and website linking
  2. Cut costs – your advertising dollar goes farther and reaches more people
  3. Conduct research – check out venues, vendors, and target market without leaving the office
  4. Commerce – sell items for your events, take registrations, and rent ads
  5. Current Events – join newsgroups to keep abreast of current trends and hot topics in your industry, locally, nationally and internationally
  6. Command Attention – get attention through web advertising, email campaigns and online calendars
  7. Cutting-edge Services – use event management software to keep track of attendees online registration and payments
  8. Convenience – most tasks are done from your computer, the world is at your fingertips

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Six advantages to creating an event website

  • Brand Building: Establishes an instantly recognizable brand by raising awareness of your site
  • Direct Marketing: Eliminates the cost associated with print and mailing. The web gives you the ability to constantly make appropriate changes to your target audience. Allows individualized messages to specialized audiences.
  • Online Sales: Immediate order processing in an interactive environment.
  • Customer Service: Easy access to frequently asked questions.
  • Marketing Research: Provides valuable information about your customers. You can use demographics to tailor your site.
  • Online Publishing Services: Makes information on your organization available to a wider internet audience. is a best practice Mequoda event website. 

Learn more when you read Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Expositions (The Wiley Event Management Series) by Leonard H. Hoyle.


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