Creating Quality Website Traffic Encounters

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While parlaying “drive-by” visitors into engaged repeat readers is still the goal for publishers, some have decided to gear features toward their search and social traffic in order to maximize it as much as possible.

Digiday reports that 52% of Glamour‘s visitors comes from mobile, so the magazine has implemented four ways to turn them into quality website traffic by improving their experience.

Video: Glamour puts its video at the top of its site for mobile visitors, and will post all episodes of its series “The Single Life.” “We see it as a good way to draw in that type of reader,” Mike Hofman told Digiday. “We’ll see if that has the effect of getting a mobile user to spend more time on the site.”

Subscriptions: Regular visitors are the most likely to subscribe, of course, but Glamour also puts other asks on casual traffic, including email newsletters and Facebook follows.

Shares: Time spent takes a back seat to clicks and shares, as Glamour is capitalizing on the fact that many visitors don’t actually read the content they relay to followers and friends.

Traffic Buys: Purchasing traffic in recommendation engines, particularly for features like galleries and slide shows, can increase the chances of engagement, Glamour and other publishers reason.

To read more about how publishers are turning drive-by visitors into quality website traffic, visit Digiday.



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