Sports Publishers Playing Under Mobile’s New Rules

via Digiday

via Digiday

As mobile traffic for their sites eclipses 50% on average, sports publishers are putting into place new tactics to attract and retain visitors.

Digiday reports that sites like USA Today‘s FTW, theScore, and Sports Illustrated face challenges in the wildly varying consumption habits of sports fans.

“It isn’t just good enough to take content from other platforms and reproduce it for mobile,” theScore‘s Benjie Levy tells Digiday. “You really have to re-imagine this experience from the ground up and think of how would you create content in the first instance.”

More than 95% of theScore‘s traffic comes from mobile. In response, the site launched “MyScore, a Facebook Newsfeed-like feature it introduced in May that lets readers follow scores, teams, and even the movements of individual players from a single feed,” Ricardo Bilton writes. Levy attributes theScore‘s 33% increase in year-over-year third quarter traffic to the new feature.

While theScore is mobile-first, Sports Illustrated recently redesigned its mobile site “with a strong emphasis on … the habits and preferences of mobile users.”

To read more about sports publishers’ mobile strategies, visit Digiday.

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