The Top of the Pyramid for Multi-platform Publishers

What is the top of your audience pyramid?

At the bottom you obviously have your website, and the casual one-time visitors that land on it.

Above them you have subscribing members; those people who have found alignment with the topics you cover and the interests in their lives.

Then there are products you sell. The more engaged audience members are willing to spend money to get premium content from you, often complete with additional information and on a higher-quality medium. At the Mequoda Daily, our free subscribers receive written reports and article posts. Our premium customers however, receive over 60 hours worth of content through on-demand webinars, consisting of audio and video components.

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At the top of our audience pyramid we have the live event. These offer the highest level of fidelity as attendees get to learn firsthand from instructors, meet other like-minded individuals, and ask direct questions throughout. Our Bootcamps and Summits afford these opportunities to professional publishers transitioning to the digital world.

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