Those Who Move the Quickest Often Win

Yesterday, we presented the Website Design for Publishers and Authors Bootcamp here in Germany. We spent the first part of the day talking about the different Mequoda Website Archetypes and the Mequoda Media Pyramid. The second part of the day was spent talking about the 14 website design guidelines and reviewing some good (and not-so-good) American websites.

The last (and best) part of the day was spent doing our infamous on-the-spot website design reviews. One of the websites we reviewed was from one of VNR’s sister companies from Poland, which was a Hub/Membership Hybrid website for accountants –


At the time we reviewed the site, they had their email newsletter sign-up buried way below the fold.

Thanks to the speed and beauty of text messaging, by the time the seminar concluded, the email sign-up box had been moved to the upper-right hand quadrant of the page.

Needless to say, we were very impressed by this.

And just as I was about to send this tip off, a manager responsible for a German Hub/Membership Hybrid website for seniors –, came up and showed us that overnight, her staff had implemented a floater and an OFIE on their homepage.

Those who move the quickest, often win.


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