Who Uses Facebook Ads?

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Setting up a Facebook page for any business is done by a majority of businesses since it costs nothing and it can be used for a variety of interactions within the biggest social network on the planet. But social media and promotions are a bit trickier, based on the fact that social media is about digitally socializing with friends and families — not about buying things.

eMarketer reports that 55.1 percent of small businesses have set up a business page on Facebook. Beyond that, however, is a more important stat — 20 percent of these businesses have paid for a Facebook ad or promoted post. And as eMarketer puts it, “Though one-fifth may seem like a small percentage, with SMBs reporting high usage and great success, that share will likely increase in the coming years.”

These businesses are using Facebook most to connect with customers, which was reported by 78 of respondents. Marketing and promoting businesses and products was the next biggest use, at 72 percent.

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