Mequoda Strategy Bootcamp Prompts Website Launches

Step-by-step approach helps executives go from business idea to website launch and execution

Unlike our former bootcamp program that conceptualized content marketing, our new Mequoda System Strategy Bootcamp details specific actions for launching or relaunching an online business.

Mequoda System Strategy Bootcamp

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During this step-by-step seminar, publishers and CEOs absorb hands-on information that directly aids in the process of designing and launching an online business.

In-house program sparks website launches

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we highlighted an interview with Tom Winsor, the VP of Active Interest Media’s Equine Network. Tom led his team in the launch of MyHorseDaily, which debuted to the online environment in June 2011.

Last year, Tom experienced our Mequoda System Strategy workshop privately, as we presented the program to all of AIM’s executives. This helped prompt he and his team to launch MyHorseDaily.

The program not only helps get your online business to market, it expresses strategies and best practices for your content, covering topics of organic and paid marketing efforts to spread your content in all the right places.

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Mequoda System Strategy teaches a proven method

During this daylong program, we walk you through the process of building an open content website, a subscription website, an online store and email newsletters.

Our workshop details an in-depth process for developing an online business by incorporating the most successful online business models proven through research and analysis.

If you are interested in having this bootcamp conducted privately to your organization, contact Kim Mateus at (401) 293-0401 or email. You can also join us at the public program, happening in New York City on October 27th at the McGraw Hill Conference Center.

Either option gives you the chance to discover a 49-step process for starting and running a successful subscription website, online store, email newsletter and open content portal with proven success.


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