Top 100 Media Blogs in the United States

The Mequoda Research Team has made a list of the top 100 media blogs in the country based on unique page visitors per month.

In the sprawling and volatile blogosphere, mining for a gem of a site is hard work. That’s why the Mequoda Research Team created the free Mequoda Blog 100. Mequoda has identified the top 100 media blogs in the US to show our readers how the best blogs run their websites.

Mequoda Group and Compete developed the Mequoda Blog 100 based on monthly unique visitor counts, aggregating multiple-blog sites across the publication. Mequoda Group and Compete will be continually monitoring over 300 of America’s most popular media blogs and reporting to our readers their monthly:

  • Ranking
  • Unique page visits
  • Page views per user
  • Sessions per user
  • Seconds per user

The Mequoda Blog 100 is a snapshot of America’s widely varying interests. There are gadget and technology blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo; celebrity gossip blogs like TMZ and; newspaper blogs like The Washington Post; and even the ridiculous Ask A Ninja comedy blog.

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