Video Landing Page Guidelines

Different ways to incorporate video into your landing pages

Looking for a better way to communicate with visitors? Online companies need a way to improve the “know, like, trust” factor with potential customers. One way to accomplish this is through video.

As my father will tell you, in the good ole days, a customer looking for the latest information on a TV, would visit a retail electronics store and chat with ‘Don’, the knowledgeable salesman. Since Don was a nice guy who seemed to know everything about the TV and maybe even some secrets to improve the picture or sound quality, the customer would buy it.

How do you accomplish this in the virtual world? You’re no longer having a face-to-face chat with your customers.

More and more publishers are using video landing pages, which can also improve conversion rates and search engine rankings.  It’s even more important now that Google rolled out “Instant” which seems to favor media-rich sites.

We’re not going to teach you how to make a video here, rather suggest ways to incorporate video into your landing pages.

Different types of video landing pages

  • Customer testimonials for products, services or events
  • Membership website tutorials
  • Book introductions by the author
  • CD or DVD preview clips
  • Email newsletter introductions
  • Product demonstration


What type is best for your product or service?

Soft Sell – provides information or instruction, usually user controls playback.

Hard Sell – direct call to action, usually set on autoplay.

Keep in mind, video conversion rates are highest when the product you are selling is a high-end B2B product.

Optimize video landing pages

Remember, if you want Google to point to your site, it needs to be media-rich and it better be optimized and tagged. Every page, every picture, every video on your site needs to be optimized and tagged properly so Google, and users, can find it.

Are you already using video on your landing pages? Share your results.

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