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Archive for Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Multiplatform Publishing posts focus on the latest news and best practices in online publishing.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of Internet marketing strategy guidelines from the world’s most successful online publishing experts. You’ll also find stories on the latest news for online publishers and Internet marketers.

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You’re the Beneficiary from Today’s Group-Think Mentality

Twitter Chat Example of New Keys to Innovation

“We have got to overcome our hyperactive sense of exceptionalism and embrace the more collective, cooperative and globalized forces shaping the planet.”
–Neil Gabler   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Warren Keeps Family Business Humming

Dan Warren, President and Editor, Warren Communications News Inc., Washington, D.C.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college?
DAN: For two years I was a high school English teacher.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
I was 29 and had finally completed my Ph.D. in English literature when two things happened: I got a taste of the grind of the real academic world while teaching at Catholic University, and I got a call from my father to help out with the launch of Warren’s risky and exciting startup, Communications Daily. I soon knew which world I wanted to be part of.   Continue

Entrepreneurs Turn to Content Management Systems

Are you looking to quit your job and start a new online business?

Content management systems saved the lives of content publishers.

OK, maybe not literally, but content management systems help greatly. They allow major customization, often within communities of designers and developers who continuously create plug-ins to make the systems even better. WordPress, for instance, thrives on a major support group of users and developers, who have helped transfer the content management system into a favorite of digital content publishers.   Continue

Charlie Rose, Tom Cruise and the Merits of Community

Community Involvement Can Work on Many Levels

There seems to be something rather businessy to the “getting involved in your community” idea taking shape right now. Last night on Charlie Rose, political commentator David Brooks spoke about the professional advantages of working to make your community a better one. It’s interesting that in this global age—where a SIPA member in Ohio can just as easily sell to someone in Germany as Indiana—that establishing yourself in your community would still be a big plus. But it can.   Continue

Activism, Privacy and Google Refrigerators

Schmidt, MacKinnon Offer Small Business Advice

At a talk here in Washington, D.C. last night about Internet privacy rules, Rebecca MacKinnon, author of Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom, was asked about the value of user license agreements from large Internet companies. “They can change at any time,” she said. “I’m sure everyone got something from Google this week about their new privacy policies.”

MacKinnon argued that given the power of today’s Internet companies—one chapter is titled Facebookistan and Googledom—there needs to be a growing concern of “how technology should be structured and governed to support the rights and liberties of all the world’s Internet users.” It was an interesting talk—she was questioned by Pulitzer Prize reporter Steve Coll—that I will bring up again here and in Hotline in the future.   Continue

A Tool to Help You ‘Remember Everything’

Compiling a snippet-based email newsletter means you need to create a lot more content than you may be doing currently. If your articles come from online news sources, than it’s likely you run into the need to save and categorize the information so you can adequately create articles.

One tool that helps editors and journalists stay organized is Evernote.

Two Things You Need to Know About Using Audio & Video in iBooks

Apple’s iBook announcement last week has the industry buzzing. Their iBooks Author software gives anyone the power to quickly create a well designed and media-rich iPad-ready book. If you’re thinking of using the platform to distribute eBooks (paid or free), now is the time to test out the iBook creation process to get a real feel for the software and all it’s capability.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Lieblein Puts Accent on Sales for EDM

Laura Lieblein, EDM Publications, Bry-sur-Marne, France

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
LAURA: My first job out of college was working with an Italian theater company for five years. I had studied Italian Lit at school and acting in NYC. I married both interests.   Continue

Revenue Generating Tactics and Tips

What do advertisers want that you can provide?

Having a website that generates a significant amount of website traffic is ideal, however it’s not always at the top of priorities for online advertisers. Niche publishers who have smaller audiences may still be highly sought for advertising purposes if they have a devout audience.   Continue

Renewal by Text and Other Mobile Ideas

On Niche Publishers and Mobile Audiences

It started last year when younger acquaintances started texting me instead of emailing. And now this “trend” includes some similar-aged friends. I write this because I was re-reading an article from the summer on The Specialist Media Site in the U.K. titled How Niche Publishers Can Reach a Mobile Audience by Chris Newell, CEO of ImpulsePay, a mobile payments company, and I came across this line: “…one key advantage [about using your phone] is that feedback can be received much quicker and more easily – it’s easier for your audience to send a text message than an email.”   Continue

Dramatic Rise of Tablets and e-Readers Spurs Questions

Tablet and e-reader ownership rises dramatically

Now we know what presents everyone was buying over the holidays—for family and themselves. Tablet and e-reader ownership almost doubled in the last month. And now, amazingly, 1 out of every 4 Americans has one of these devices, according to a new study released yesterday from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.   Continue

Enrich Your Posts With Zemanta

Researching content for your articles can be a time consuming process. Your editors can spend hours looking for the right photo, external source, and other content to enrich their posts. Rather than hire assistants to lurk over the shoulder of your editors, you could try Zemanta.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Whitney Finds Formula for Success

R.D. Whitney, Chief Operating Officer of the Institute of Finance and Management, Greenhaven Partners, Greenwich, Conn.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
R.D.: In college I took a volunteer internship at IDG, and that helped me get my first job in the information industry at Yankee Publishing as a production assistant. Sidenote: My salary in 1990 was 1/3 of what my daughter’s yearly college tuition is now!   Continue

Revenue Generation for Digital Publishers Covered at Summit

The Mequoda Summit West 2012 will be a popular destination for online publishers this coming April.

Those in attendance will be Mequoda alumni who have attended past events and are running a digital content marketing system. Their goals of creating content, community and commerce through digital content marketing have set them apart from many other digital publishers around the web.

Our three keynote presentations will be focusing on aspects crucial to generating revenue for digital magazine publishers. These keynotes include:   Continue

9 Elements of a Customer Experience Management System

Components that help online publishers maximize customer relationships

Through the use of multiple technology partners, online publishers have the ability to organize their customer relationships. Due to its nature, a customer experience management system is as strong as the sum of its parts, which can increase the efficiency of an online business by automating numerous processes.

A customer’s experience with a company is detailed by all the individual interactions; from the actual content and products a company creates to the external communications with employees.   Continue

On SOPA, Small Meetings and Small Businesses

Small Gatherings Present Large Opportunities

On the Huffington Post site yesterday, Zach Carter wrote about the decision of Sen. Marco Rubio (R – Fla.) to withdraw his support from the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills. Rubio, one of the first senators to support the bills in the spring, posted his ultra-serious statement about not understanding the bill’s “technical workings and potential problems” on Facebook of all places.   Continue

Learn About Customer Experience Management Components at Bootcamp

The digital landscape presents an interesting predicament for online business owners. Not only do employees have to be trained in new techniques for maximizing website traffic, the process for interacting with customers needs to be addressed.

This doesn’t only involve how employees should respond to social media messages from customers, it also refers to backend systems that CEOs and managers need to consider as valuable components to their online business.   Continue

Impulsivity and Introverts May Bring Great Deal to Table

Studies Support Workplace Conclusions From BPS

What’s great about the British Psychological Society is that their postings and opinions are based on actual studies. So when I reported on brainstorming from a study on that site a couple months ago—that it may be better to let people think of ideas on their own before coming together—it was based on a study in Texas that discussed “cognitive fixation, where being exposed to another’s idea makes it more salient in your mind and blocks ideas of other types.”   Continue

Choosing Your Video Camera for Content Marketers

A personal video recording studio isn’t as expensive as it once was.

With online video popularity growing at a faster rate than television ever experienced, media companies are enhancing their content by providing their audiences with video.

Some companies who already have video content created are simply repurposing this content on the web. Other companies are taking new initiatives to record new footage to appeal to a larger group of video consumers.   Continue

Creating Engagement and Sharing Your Content

5 actions for creating engagement discussed at Bootcamp

Online publishers and content marketers are taking numerous strides to share their engaging content.

A few of these will be discussed during our Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp in New York City on January 24th. This one-day intensive is designed to help online publishers and content marketers start, run and prioritize their digital transformation.   Continue

Businesses Take Advantage of Being Small

Small Businesses Try Big New Strategies

The website Little Independent in Chicago describes itself as an an online marketplace for sale items from independent retail stores. I came across it in an article in The New York Times Sunday about what chances, if any, the “little guy” stands against big retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Lesley Tweedie, the co-owner of Roscoe Village Bikes in Chicago, introduced Little Independent. “There’s been a response from people who value a different style of shopping,” she said.   Continue

Staying Productive With Clippings

Your day can get bogged down by the repetitive task of manually typing the same blocks of text into your browser, whether it’s a blog comment signature, a bio, a mini-press release, or something else. The amount of time you spend on these tasks can add up to be hours by the end of the year. Fortunately there is a handy FireFox extension called Clippings. Clippings lets you “save frequently-entered text for pasting later” while your working in Firefox.   Continue

SIPAwards Reflects New Profile for 2012!

SIPAwards Brings New Profile to Respected Program

Usually in this space on Mondays you’ll read profiles of SIPA members across the globe. But for today’s Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday in the U.S., we want to present a profile of a different sort. The SIPAwards represents another element of a new era for the association, where SIPA better reflects the industry-shaking changes taking place and the exceptional work being done by members to adapt to these changes.   Continue

Transitioning to Digital Magazines

Legacy magazine publishers have the opportunity to develop a multi-platform strategy in 2012, which can lead to success.

Publishers with a background in print and a bulk of content are prime candidates for the world of digital, where they can create digital magazine replicas and digital magazine replica plus editions while using the Internet to recycle content and build a larger audience.   Continue

See New Ideas from SIPA’s BrainSlam Session

BrainSlam Session Produces Rapport, New Ideas

The SIPA Marketing Conference took place a month ago, but many sessions still resonate. One in particular, the BrainSlam, took that normally dormant after-lunch session and turned it into a strong, team-building exercise. Roundtables took on an industry question and deliberated for about 40 minutes to come up with solutions. Some questions were: How do you make money at Twitter? How do you increase attendance at events? What are the best ways to work with IT? How do you maximize subscriber retention? What are the best ways to get new testimonials? What are your best subject lines?   Continue

The Top of the Pyramid for Multi-platform Publishers

What is the top of your audience pyramid?

At the bottom you obviously have your website, and the casual one-time visitors that land on it.

Above them you have subscribing members; those people who have found alignment with the topics you cover and the interests in their lives.   Continue

Pick the Medium, then Shape the Message

Tailoring Your Message to the Medium

A few weeks ago, National Public Radio gave its standout comedy quiz show, “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” a shot at the big-time: a Friday night slot on BBC America television. I’m a huge fan of the Saturday morning show, now in its 14th year, which features a recap of the week’s news parceled into clever segments delivered by witty host, Peter Sagal, and quick-thinking celebrities like Paula Poundstone and Tom Bodett of Motel 6 fame (“we’ll leave the lights on”).

5 New Ad Platforms Publishers Are Trying in 2012

Google Adwords might still be the best platform for generating traffic to your website, but there are several other growing ad networks with very niche communities that you might want to start checking out. The downfall to Google Adwords is that you’re really relying on keywords and geographic location in terms of how specific you can target clicks, and this can get expensive. The smaller you can make your target, the less you’ll spend and the more qualified leads you’ll be sending back to your website.   Continue

Mequoda Will Teach You How to Fish

We’re all familiar with the aphorism, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” That’s what we do at Mequoda.

Ok, maybe we don’t have any fishing poles. And we’re not entirely comfortable with taking the fish off the hook, so we don’t show you how to do that either.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Baskerville Excels in TV After-Life

Tim Baskerville, Principal, Media Service Group, West Hills, Cailf.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
TIM: As a senior in high school, I decided I wanted a career in broadcast journalism. Every week I’d call up the woman at CBS in Hollywood who managed editorial assistants, and every week she’d say I was awfully young but that I could call back in the future if I wished. My regular calls continued for a year, when she eventually said the teleprompter typist scheduled for the coming Saturday night wasn’t available, and if I’d fill in for that one shift it might lead to something. I was 17. After that night I worked in a variety of roles virtually every weekend at CBS for the next five years, before and after college graduation.   Continue

A Primer on the New SIPA Website!

SIPA’s New Website Ushers in New Era

It’s up and running! Can there be four better words in today’s highly virtualized culture than those? SIPA’s sparkling new, just out-of-the-box website went live a few days before Christmas like any proper gift should. And it is functioning so smoothly that we’ve tossed out the receipt! So we hope that you find the time to take a look around; it’s much more interactive and information-filled than the old site (and easier to navigate)—especially if you are a member.   Continue

Digital Publishers to Meet in New York

The Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp is set to kick off 2012 with a step-by-step checklist for online publishers launching, relaunching or prioritizing their online business.

This 49 step tried and true marketing and distribution plan helps online publishers stay focused in a constantly evolving digital landscape.   Continue

Tips to do Your Best Writing and Editing

Tips from a Leading Author

“Work on a computer that is disconnected from the Internet.” This is number seven on much-honored English author Zadie Smith’s 10 rules for writers. (Time magazine included her wonderful novel, White Teeth, in its TIME 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005.) I don’t think she wants us harking back to the days of typewriters to capture that magic of yesteryear. I think she is referring more to keeping distractions to a minimum, something we discussed here last month. So if you have writing to do, you may want to do it on something other than your primary, linked-to-the-world machine.   Continue

Trends to Watch for in 2012

Trends to Watch for in 2012

Here are some predictions of trends for 2012 from editors at Nieman Journalism Lab – followed by some from our members.   Continue

The Mequoda 500 Research Methodology

Discover the content models being used by top publishers online when you download this new free report from Mequoda Group   Continue

11 Tips from the Marketing Conference

11 Tips from SIPA’s Recent Marketing Conference

Check out these 11 tips from the Marketing Conference compiled by Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger Washington Editors. Greg served as the Conference co-chair along with Heather Farley of Access Intelligence. SIPA thanks them for their hard work and success.   Continue

Online Publisher to Launch Print Magazine

Vida y Salud announces the launch of its quarterly print magazine

In a time when many print publishers are looking to make the transformation to digital, some online publishers are doing the opposite.

Carl Kravetz, publisher of, recently discussed the upcoming launch of Vida y Salud, a new quarterly print magazine for the Hispanic community.   Continue

Are You Considering Expansion in 2012?

Do you want your business to grow? Do you feel the market can allow for this to happen?

Before venturing into new territories, publishers need to have a game plan. For instance, if an online publisher wants to create physical products, they need to understand their market and competition. Similarly, legacy publishers need to have a thorough grasp of the realities that exist in the digital publishing environment to have success.

If you are considering expanding to an area of business you aren’t familiar with, a business plan is crucial to understanding your potential for success.   Continue

A Multi-Platform Media Strategy

How productive are your products from a multi-platform strategy?

I am not just referring to how each sells individually…I’m talking about their overall productivity.

For instance, think about one of your physical content products. If it’s a magazine, you’re likely selling advertising space. If you’re selling DVDs, they are probably going direct to consumer. Is the packaging of these products informing users about your digital content? Are there areas throughout your magazines that ask users to follow you on Twitter, “Like” you on Facebook or visit your website for daily deals?   Continue

Whatever You Do – Don’t Be Boring…

A Look Back at Some SIPAlert Daily Highlights

Here are some best-of SIPAlert Daily moments from the year:

1. A quote from Steve Jobs: Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. If you are involved in a growing industry, think of ways to become more efficient; more customer friendly; and easier to do business with. If you are involved in a shrinking industry—get out of it quick and change before you become obsolete; out of work; or out of business.   Continue

2011’s Best Member Profile Lines!

Best Lines From the Member Profiles

We are very appreciative of the many members who took the time to fill out the member profiles this year. They did a great job and it’s something we truly could not do on our own. In tribute to them, here’s a list of 11 of the best lines of the year:   Continue

4 Things To Remember About Building Loyalty in 2012

That’s why your 2012 digital marketing strategies should reflect the realization that every action your business takes is now public. If you were careless in a customer care email, or a sales representative was pushy, these are all things that can get put on blast on blogs and social networks; Sometimes by celebrities, authors and other influential people. If you think back honestly, how many times have you not bought a product, or not visited a restaurant based on a single negative comment you might have heard from a friend or through a Facebook post?   Continue

Merry… The Art of Overcoming Interruptions

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a…um…(sorry, incoming tweet)

So Sunday is Christmas and Monday is Boxing Day. It’s a time when…
Umm, excuse me, let me just answer this one text.
It’s a time when families and friends come together and…
Ahh, one second, I need to respond to this tweet.
So where was I? Right.? …when families gather and…oops, excuse me, a friend with Doctors Without Borders is skyping me from Burma. Hmmm, now I lost my train of thought.   Continue

Project Budgets for Digital Content in 2012

If your organization is like Interweave, busily determining how much of your audience is using tablet devices, what will you do with that knowledge in 2012?

If you expect to turn your best content into digital products, you will need to plan accordingly. This of course means taking into account the products that will be created, the platforms they will be available on, the time in which it’ll take to create and test, and the cost to your organization.   Continue

What Makes a Consumer Decide to Buy…

Analyzing the Dynamics of Decision-Making

If Thinking, Fast and Slow is anything like the review I just read in Sunday’s Washington Post, author Daniel Kahneman should be a marketing rock star and anyone depending on people’s decision-making should read this book. Reviewer Christopher Shea writes that Kahneman “wants to help us mend our fuzzy thinking and change the way we talk about decision-making; he takes very seriously the language we use to Monday-morning quarterback ourselves: ‘There is a direct link from more precise gossip at the water-cooler to better decisions,’ he writes.”   Continue

Transitioning to a Web-first Mindset

Cashing in on the Print-to-Digital Transition

We’re definitely seeing much more of the Web-first, print-second mentality and the success it can bring. The latest example came at the SIPA Marketing Conference in Miami earlier this month where Rob Ransom, CEO of Bongarde Media, presented a case study of his company’s switch from a print-to-digital mindset. Bongarde is a Canadian-based, B-to-B publisher that helps companies in North America keep their workers from getting hurt or ill on the job and comply with occupational health and safety laws. Recently, they’ve expanded into HR.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: From Poland with Love for Books

Monika Stasik, Head of Marketing, PMR, Cracow, Poland

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
MONIKA: During my studies, I was working as deputy chief editor in a students’ magazine. This experience prepared me for my first job in Wolters Kluwer. For seven years, I was responsible for publications in the areas of economy and business, being on different stages in the corporate hierarchy, from editor up to deputy strategy director. With time passing by, I was moving from traditional publishing into online publishing and marketing. Now after four years of working as head of marketing at PMR, I can say I am involved in the perfect mixture of everything that interests me most—publishing, marketing, Internet, team management.   Continue

Digital Management for Online Publishers

Digital publishers and online business owners: think about how your role has changed since you’ve transformed from print to digital.

I’m sure your skills have remained, and perhaps grown stronger through trial and error and learning from others.   Continue

Becoming Familiar with Retail Partners

Retail partners are the key to selling more of your products in different locations. From the Apple store, to Barnes & Noble and now the Amazon Newsstand, there are plenty of options for your audience members to find your content.

With the Kindle Fire quickly becoming one of the top contenders next to the iPad, Amazon’s Newsstand might become a more desirable location for publishers and consumers alike.

Loading Your Digital Content Marketing System

Your content marketing system requires different types of content at launch than post launch

Prior to launch, all of the following types of content should be loaded so your system can hit the market as a comprehensive, informative online business that is optimized for search engines and is social media friendly.   Continue