Digital Publishers Turning To Live Events

via Bonnier

via Bonnier

As legacy publishers become digital publishers and the print magazine turns into the digital magazine, the aspect of fidelity comes into play. The human touch cannot be fully lost in a world of digital, right?

To keep thing active and engaging, some digital publishers are focusing on live, in-person events, which offer the highest level of interaction and fidelity. Bonnier Corp. is one such publishers, and Folio is reporting that the company has acquired The Promotion Company Inc. & Family Events.

“For a company like Bonnier, which publishes brands such as Field & Stream, Cycle World and Outdoor Life, events are becoming a lucrative platform that attract the most loyal participants.”

Not only do live events provide interaction with highly engaged audience members, they are also a great new revenue stream for many publishers.

Read more about Bonnier’s acquisition at Folio

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