Internet Hub

An Internet Hub is very robust, offering tons of useful information for free. It is designed to maximize online advertising inventory. State-of-the-art Internet Hubs offer users email newsletters, blogs, email alerts and RSS feeds that are all designed to directly and indirectly generate more page views and website revenue.

Internet Hubs generate value from both the users and the sponsors. The user pays with time and information. They spend time viewing web pages, emails and RSS feeds thus creating advertising inventory that can be used to sell the publisher’s products and/or that can be sold to third party sponsors.

A Mequoda Internet Hub is a content-driven destination website that uses a derivation of Klienberg’s Hubs and Authorities Theory (also known as Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS)) to construct website architecture that is both search engine and user friendly.  The Mequoda Hub Architecture may be successfully applied to Mequoda Reference Website Archetypes and Periodical Websites Archetypes.

Mequoda Hub Architecture (MHA) uses the Hubs and Authorities principles to guide the creation of 11 webpage templates that work in concert to create user and search engine friendly website that is the center of an online publisher’s Website Network.

Mequoda Internet Hubs are designed to attract traffic from search engines and other websites and build permission-based relationships via email, bookmarks and RSS (Real Simple Syndication).

aka Mequoda Hub or Mequoda Hub of Authority


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