Build Email Marketing List Circulation with Podcasts

This free report from Mequoda Group teaches how to use podcasts to build an email marketing list

(Nationwide)—The world of audio communication has found a home on the Internet. From podcasts to musical pieces, the media-rich environment has been reaching eager listeners for years. Content producers and online publishers looking to expand the ways in which they disseminate information should utilize this medium.

Podcasts aren’t just for the 30% of the population who are auditory learners, although it is likely more important to the people who fit into that category. Podcasts are for those who are on the go or those who prefer to listen opposed to read content.

Podcasts can be especially powerful for those who are auditory learners because auditory learners remember what they hear better than non-auditory learners. If they cannot receive content in this medium then they will likely go elsewhere to find content in the medium they prefer.

Luckily for content producers and online publishers who want to be active in the world of podcasting, there are a number of free sources for recording and editing podcasts. One free source is software by Audacity.

After a podcast is created, it can be used to build email marketing circulation. Tips to do so are as follows:

Building Email Marketing Circulation Tip #1 – Create a rapid conversion landing page.

Building Email Marketing Circulation Tip #2 – Use social media.

Building Email Marketing Circulation Tip #3 – Execute an online PR campaign.

Building Email Marketing Circulation Tip #4 – Upload the content to YouTube.

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