Mequoda Weekly: December 24th, 2012 – December 28th, 2012

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How to Make a Membership Website

How to make a membership website is a topic many publishers struggle with. Membership and subscription websites can be hugely successful in generating revenue for publishers with evergreen and updated content.

However, understanding how to make a membership website is often overlooked during the planning process. Let’s take a look at six tips publishers must adhere to while making a membership website. Keep Reading

Understanding the Role of Metadata in Google Visibility: 5 Best Practices

Recently one of our clients noticed that the metadata they were putting into their articles wasn’t necessarily the data that was getting pulled into Google search results.

In days of old, metadata was valuable. It’s what Google used to determine the content on our pages. When we wrote it, it showed up in search engines. There was no discrepancy between what we put in the meta description field, and what showed up on the page.

But according to a few tests that our client performed, and ones we followed up on, metadata isn’t the be-all, end-all anymore. Keep Reading

The Best SEO Keyword Strategy – Picking SEO Keyword Fights You Can Win

The most effective SEO keyword strategy is to compete vigorously for top placement for the most popular keyword suggestions returned by the Google Keyword Tool for a given root keyword phrase (Primary Keyword Phrase).

If you answered “true,” you might want to reconsider.

On the surface, aiming for the most popular SEO keywords seems like a good strategy. But in reality, it can be like trying to slay a dragon with a pea-shooter. The big guys with the bazookas may have you outgunned.

The little-known fact is, if your SEO keyword strategy is targeting only highly popular and competitive terms, your odds of SEO success are minimal. Alternatively, you might want to settle for aiming at smaller targets… and succeeding. Keep Reading

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