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Tag: digital success

Audience Development Managers Still Love Technology

New and evolved technologies can be an audience development manager’s dream if it leads to bigger audiences.

Where are your audience development strengths and weaknesses? Today’s news focuses on pertinent information for audience development managers, including actions that some major publishers are taking now.

The Online Magazine Revenue Streams That Grew in 2015

As any compromised comment section can tell us, there are a whole lot of ways to make money on the Internet! Online magazine revenue streams comprise some solid volume in that pool (in the legitimate end, that is). In fact, helping digital publishers generate online magazine revenue is how we generate revenue ourselves.

How Can I Find My Top Keywords Using Website Analytics?

Using website analytics to determine your top keywords and then what to do with them
When developing a new subscription website, it’s crucial to know which keywords to develop your site around.

When a client comes to us, one of the first questions they ask is, “What are my top keywords?” What they’re usually talking about are

The Growth of Multi-Platform Advertising

“Imagine a world in which advertisers can seamlessly serve data-driven ads to the right user at the right time across channels and devices,” writes LiveRail Head of Client Services, Vijay Balan.

“Publishers, partnering with third-party data partners, layer extra data over their unique viewer profiles and get a clear look at who their audiences actually are, allowing their advertisers to get the targeted results of their dreams. … Now wake up. Look around. Is that how it really works? We didn’t think so.”

Online Content Strategy Depends on Tracking, Social, Advertising

Online content strategy can be navigated only when you’re equipped with the right data analytics. Throwing an article up and calling it a day doesn’t do it anymore. Luckily, publishers have research firms like eMarketer to help find the way. Let’s take a look at a few of its recent posts.

US Digital Magazine Circulation Tops 80M While AAM Continues to Underreport Digital Versus Print Sales

So is the underreporting of digital magazines sales the fault of publishers themselves, or should AAM’s audit be modified to accommodate universal pricing and packaging?

We think it’s time to accommodate. Because there are about 277 million adults in the United States with Internet access, and according to our most recent study, 20 percent of them have an average of 1.9 active magazines on their tablet. This sounds more like 105 million active digital magazine buyers and subscribers, which is a lot more than the 11.6 AAM reported for the first half of 2014 (still waiting on those final 2014 numbers.)

Henry Blodget, Business Insider: ‘Everything Is Evolving’

The digital success of Business Insider is due largely to the bold vision of its co-founder and editor, The Guardian reports in a profile of Henry Blodget.

Examining the Forbes Digital Makeover

How many 100-year-olds do you know who are adept at using the Internet? Forbes, a leading business publisher for nearly a century, is a shining case study in digital expansion, according to a recent report from 360 Public Relations. was relaunched in 2010, and the result has been a 104% increase in unique monthly visitors. The site currently boasts 24.6 million.

Introducing: The NEW Mequoda Pro

If you’ve ever contemplated attending one of our Subscription Website Publishing Intensives, but the time – and budget – just haven’t been right, I have a new way for you to learn the proven, profitable Mequoda Method right now.

Introducing, the new Mequoda Pro. If you’re a member, you can log in right now. If you’re not, keep reading.

Can Digital Publishing Solve Your Revenue Problems? I Say YES.

Mequoda’s only purpose in life is to prevent any other publishing company from going out of business, ever. That’s why we offer our decades of experience, proven best practices and user-friendly Mequoda Method for digital publishing success in our three-day Internet Marketing Intensive, the definitive training course in publishing and marketing content online.

The Top 9 Reasons to Register now for the Audience Development Summit 2012

Join the dozens of attendees who have already registered for the Mequoda Audience Development Summit 2012

The Audience Development Summit 2012 will be a unique experience shared by dozens of knowledgeable professionals.

There has never been a better lineup, as CEOs, publishers, and marketers prepare to give presentations on how they’ve managed their digital success.

3 Tips on Digital Advertising

New technology brings advertising opportunities for digital magazine publishers

Along with digital magazine publishing, digital advertising has experienced changes over the past few years. Publishers and marketers have the opportunity to create ads capable of interacting and engaging users through an array of mediums.

Below I’ve listed three tips for creating digital advertisements that will help you get on the same page with consumers and marketers.

Is Facebook’s Attention Turning Towards Sponsored Stories?

There has certainly been scrutiny of Facebook ever since the social media giant went public. A further look at Facebook comes as they recently released second quarter earnings.

According to ClickZ, Facebook “reported $992 million in ad revenue in Q2 – 84 percent of total revenue and a boost of 28 percent since Q2 2011.”

Spanfeller to Address Bootcamp Graduates: Sell-Out Expected

With only one week to save and 12 seats left, Mequoda announces digital publishing luminary Jim Spanfeller as Bootcamp commencement speaker

Being a premier digital publishing event requires serious attention. Beyond polishing our content and preparing the most compelling up-to-date information, we’ve decided to bring another experienced publisher along for the ride.

The Top 8 Tips for Sizing Up Your SEO Competition

Discover how your content will fare on the web

Most successful online publishers understand that building a keyword universe is the foundation for digital success.

Another key document for digital success is an Online Market Audit. This process and resulting document alerts you to other websites in your market that are ranking well for your keywords and may help identify partnership opportunities.

How to Check Website Traffic & Increase Visitors

Learn how to check website traffic and compare your print to web ratio

The amount of visitors who come to your website can directly correlate to how much revenue you are getting from all of that traffic. That is, if you have the proper conversion architecture set up on every page of your website.

The chain of events goes something like this…

Someone comes in from a tweet, reads your post, sees that you offer a free white paper on the same topic, joins your email list, downloads your white paper, gets an email from you about a related webinar, purchases the webinar, attends the webinar…. and the world continues to turn.

MPA-IMAG 2011: Building Community is the Future of SEO

Care2’s CEO Randy Paynter shares 3 important developments in SEO, helpful for all online publishers and digital marketers

In an Audience Development panel at IMAG’s 8th annual conference in San Francisco last week, Randy Paynter from Care2, the largest online community for healthy and green living, shared three important developments in SEO.

1. Google’s Panda Update: We’ve written about the Panda Update and have offered white-hat SEO tips to help ensure your high-quality content is being found. But what and who determines if your content is “high quality”? Paynter shared a great resource straight from Google’s Webmaster Central Blog that offers over 20 questions publishers should ask themselves to answer this very question. Another important, yet potentially scary fact Paynter noted is that Google is penalizing entire sites, not just pages. So if 90% of the content on your site is “high quality”, but 10% is considered “spammy” by Google’s new standards, your entire site may be penalized.

How Legacy Publishers Transition to Multiplatform Publishing

Discover proven methods for rebuilding your brand in the digital age at the Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I discussed building out a legacy brand.

The Mequoda Content Marketing System has become a very successful product for a small group of publishers exploring how they can rebuild their brand in the age of multiplatform publishing.

2 Creative Ways to Leverage Content While Establishing Brand Recognition

Learn from experienced online publishers at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed five ways to leverage content to build a bigger audience.

Those strategies were shared with nearly 100 publishers at our Mequoda Summit in Boston last fall. This April at the Mequoda Summit West 2011, we will present you with new panelists and additional methods for leveraging digital content.