3 Tips on Digital Advertising

New technology brings advertising opportunities for digital magazine publishers

Along with digital magazine publishing, digital advertising has experienced changes over the past few years. Publishers and marketers have the opportunity to create ads capable of interacting and engaging users through an array of mediums.

Below I’ve listed three tips for creating digital advertisements that will help you get on the same page with consumers and marketers.

Diversify: Digital magazine publishers can diversify their digital advertisements in a few ways. First, they can focus on creating ads for email newsletters, social networks, and all landing pages throughout their website. This allows promotion to different types of audience members, from subscribers familiar with the brand to first-time visitors.

Advertisements on different platforms should also be diverse. If you are creating content specifically for tablet users, that contact should harness the capabilities of the medium. Media-rich, interactive experiences must be created for tablets in order to stand out among publishers that bring the same print or online content to the tablet medium.

One company that’s diversifying its digital advertising is Conde Nast. The major magazine publisher recently bought 11 percent of Flite, a cloud-based advertising firm. This opportunity allows Conde Nast to offer more digital options for marketers and consumers alike, since the cloud allows for quick changes and customization. This process will essentially let Conde Nast discover which types of messages work best for their advertisers.

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Mobile friendly: The size and functionality of ads are extremely important on mobile. When planning mobile advertisements, consider whether the ads will render well on smartphones and tablets. Will the ads be clickable on the small screen of smartphones?

There are, of course, different types of mobile ads as well. Some of these ads can be implemented on your own, or you can pay outside sources for them. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s mobile ads outperform its desktop counterparts with 13 times higher click-through rates and 11.2 times the money per impression.

Create engagement: According to Adobe, interactive ads are more popular with consumers than static ads. They create stronger engagement, get users more involved with the message, and develop stronger purchase intent. However you advertise, allow room for interaction with your audience. Ask for insight and opinions. Develop relationships. Allow for comments on blog posts, landing pages, and social media promotions. The Internet is more social than ever before and that’s an important key to digital success.

One way some publishers have bridged the gap between print and digital is through augmented reality technology—adding computer-generated enhancements, such as sound or visual elements, to views of an actual, physical environment. The publishers of Heat magazine recently experimented with augmented reality and saw 180,000 digital interactions with the issue in only four days.

How is digital advertising working within your organization? Please share your stories with us.


    So true, the more interactive the better. Advertisers on the Internet have quite a challenge to deal with due to the glut of stuff people see on every page. It makes it hard to stand out. I’d prefer interactive ads over pop-ups any day.


    Hi, I’ve read some really interesting material on this website so thanks for that. In considering digital advertising options for magazines I’m wondering if there are affiliate programs that specialize in supplying larger adverts rather than the usual small banners to be placed in digital magazines? We produce a classic car interactive digital magazine and are interested in finding new advertisers that traditionally place larger adverts in print media.


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