Spanfeller to Address Bootcamp Graduates: Sell-Out Expected

With only one week to save and 12 seats left, Mequoda announces digital publishing luminary Jim Spanfeller as Bootcamp commencement speaker

Being a premier digital publishing event requires serious attention. Beyond polishing our content and preparing the most compelling up-to-date information, we’ve decided to bring another experienced publisher along for the ride.

Jim Spanfeller, Founder & CEO at The Spanfeller Media Group and former CEO of will join us to share his insights on the three biggest trends driving the growth and future of digital publishing. The information Spanfeller will share is the exact knowledge he uses to position his online properties, foodie site The Daily Meal and adventure enthusiast site The Active Times, for digital success.

The addition of This commencement speaker delivers yet another reason to attend the Digital Publishing Bootcamp – which is now the summer’s most comprehensive event for understanding and developing an actionable digital strategy.

If you want to build an online audience, streamline your digital workflow, sell more digital products, and track the best metrics associated with your online business – join us at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp. You will spend time with some of the industry’s best and brightest in an intimate setting where all your questions can be answered.

Register now for the Digital Publishing Bootcamp and take advantage of early bird pricing before it ends next week. With seats filling up, we suggest you register today.

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