How Legacy Publishers Transition to Multiplatform Publishing

Discover proven methods for rebuilding your brand in the digital age at the Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I discussed building out a legacy brand.

The Mequoda Content Marketing System has become a very successful product for a small group of publishers exploring how they can rebuild their brand in the age of multiplatform publishing.

We briefly outlined how to set up a strategy in yesterday’s post. If you’d like to learn how to do this in a small environment where only 25 people are invited, join Kim Mateus and I for the Content Marketing Strategy Workshop at the Residence Inn Times Square on June 21st.

The Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

To begin the workshop, we will discuss the first two principles of the strategy, which deal with your content. What legacy content have you been producing online, offline and in-person? After content, we discuss the order, resources, infrastructure and personnel needed to run a content marketing system.

The basic communities you will be able to build with the information from our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop include portals, communities, stores, subscription websites and event websites.

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If you want to learn a content marketing strategy that media companies are using to achieve digital success, spend the day with Kim and I, in a small boutique workshop. The program is structurally between a seminar and a live event due to its size. It has the elements of a workshop because it’s meant to be customized to the attendees.

If you join us for our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop, you will be asked who you are fundamentally as a publisher and where you are within the digital transformation. We will also discuss legacy products you are currently working with.

This event is for publishers who want to learn how to go from legacy to multiplatform publishing in the most effective manner.

Don’t wait until the last minute to register for this event, as there will only be 25 people in the room.

I look forward to discussing content marketing with you in New York City on June 21st.


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