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Tag: internet publishing

Online Video Publishing: Pluses and Minuses for Digital Magazines

Online video publishing, especially when taken in tandem with mobile advertising, is arguably the most alluring revenue opportunity to come along for digital magazines in a long time.

But, like any other opportunity, it must be seized and maximized, not squandered with poor practices and a lack of strategy. Coincidentally, establishing best practices and tactical standards is exactly the sort of thing we do here at Mequoda, so if you have any questions about implementing a system and creating robust but flexible content, give us a call.

But in the meantime, check out MediaPost’s coverage of online video publishing and more. We’ll start there on this Monday!

How An Internet Marketing Services Agency Could Catapult Your Multiplatform Publishing Capacity

Whether you’re outsourcing your Internet marketing services or building an internal Internet marketing services department, these 11 content marketing job functions are key

I’ve been running marketing services departments and companies for the better part of 30 years. Mequoda Group is an independent co-operative Internet marketing services company that currently supports 20+ client organizations. The most common marketing system configuration we’re supporting is a daily portal or blog at the core with one or more subscription websites, and an online store that sells books and videos. Our organization doesn’t produce any of the original premium content, but we do produce a lot of the affinity content that is used for audience development including white papers, blog posts, and social media. We also produce and analyze the email newsletters, email promotions, and landing pages that are used to generate revenue.

Digital Consumers Up Big at The New Yorker

Digital consumers are the end all be all for Internet publishing companies. Everything revenue-related runs through them. Digital consumers click, read, subscribe, and share. They are the goal.

Here’s the good news: Digital consumers are there for the taking. How do we know this? Because we’re digital consumers ourselves. And because we’re seeing print magazines more and more make the transition to the web with a clear idea of how to maximize multiplatform publishing opportunities instead of stumbling around in the dark.

Some of those magazines are Mequoda Members, and some are legacy publishers with the resources to afford a larger margin of error. And then there’s The New Yorker, which is just dominating the shift. How are they doing it? Folio:’s on the story, along with several others. Let’s take a look!

What Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like for Publishers

In the second decade of the 21st century, the online publishing environment is not only changing dramatically, it’s changing at a faster rate than we ever could have anticipated.

In a mere 20+ years, since the dawn of the commercial Internet, we’ve experienced a genuine paradigm shift in content marketing. That’s because magazines, newsletters, books, audio and video content now can be digitized and delivered online, as well as marketed on websites and via email.

The Subscription Website Publishing Handbook

Claim your FREE digital copy of Subscription Website Publishing: The Most Profitable Subscription Website Models now.

Content Marketing Strategy

A proven roadmap to Internet publishing success, in 90 minutes

Stop guessing: Learn the Mequoda strategies that have earned millions for others

How to Increase Online Publishing Revenues … Exponentially

Gutenberg is dead. And you will be, too, if you don’t make the transition now to meet the public’s growing demand for digital information.

Fortunately, there is one resource, one unique program that can change the way you, your staff and your entire organization think of the Internet and help you catch up to the future. Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive has guided some of the oldest and most respected publishing companies in the world including Meredith, Rodale, Interweave and more, in growing a single-digit percentage of their revenue from online sources to earning 20%, 30%, 40% of their revenues digitally. And because the demand for digital products is growing exponentially, so will their revenues.

Will yours?

Week in Review: December 10th, 2012 – December 14th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Network with Like-Minded Digital Publishers

Aside from three days of content on developing a digital publishing powerhouse, the Internet Marketing Intensive offers networking with like-minded digital publishers.

These networking opportunities have two major benefits:

Week in Review: November 19th, 2012 – November 23rd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Is Business Failure an Option?

Publishing is at a crossroads. Are you ready?

No one is in business to fail. But with demand for digital content off the charts, no one can afford to put off making the transition to online publishing. Why, in just a few weeks, Newsweek will publish its last print edition ever. Are you ready to make Internet publishing your main – or only – revenue source?

If you or anyone in your organization needs to catch up to online publishing … if you have new team members or want to promote staff to online publishing positions … if you have the slightest doubt about your organization’s readiness to tackle the digital world, the Mequoda Internet Marketing Intensive is mandatory.

Audience Development Summit 2012 just keeps getting better

Updated speakers, topics and roundtables for the Audience Development Summit 2012 – come on down!

No event is ever perfect, but we’re trying our best to achieve that for the upcoming Audience Development Summit 2012, Oct. 23-25 in New York City! We’ve added some amazing new speakers and uncovered great new information to share with our audience. Best of all, we’ve responded to popular demand, and all our sessions will now be interactive roundtables, allowing attendees to not only hear what our media marketing gurus have to say, but to follow up with questions of their own as well.

SIPA Member Profile: Perry Can Manage Books and Write Them as Well

Gail Perry, Editor-in-Chief, AccountingWEB (Sift Media)

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
GAIL: Right out of college, I went to work as a bookkeeper for a large law firm in Washington D.C. I had a degree in journalism, but I had worked my way through college as a bookkeeper, and the opportunities seemed better in the bookkeeping field because I had several years of experience. Once I decided I liked the work and was very good at it, it made sense for me to return to school and study accounting. I became a CPA, worked in public accounting for many years, but eventually found my way back to my journalism roots, combining my love of writing with my knowledge of the accounting profession.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
There have been several ah-ha moments in my career when it seems clear that I have made choices that work for me. Each job I have held seems to have led to the next in a proper progression. Each time I have changed jobs, I’ve felt like I couldn’t have gotten that job if I hadn’t done everything that came before. So I think my entire work experience has been one ongoing defining moment.

What Does “Mequoda” Mean?

The Mequoda Method, when run as a repeating cycle of management behaviors, creates an audience- driven, continuous-improvement media management system.

Mequoda is a term coined by Internet entrepreneur and website developer Don Nicholas to describe a method for designing and managing websites and website networks. The term is an acronym for “media quote daily,” which is core to Nicholas’s approach to building website networks that includes seven specific website types.

A Mequoda Website Network includes a minimum of two websites, where one is a free Mequoda Internet Hub and the other is one of the seven Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes. Mequoda is now used to describe a wide variety of Internet publishing and online marketing terms that extend the Mequoda philosophy.

Actionable Analytics

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to use analytics to determine statistics about your data and for modifying your website’s Internet marketing strategy.

What does “Mequoda” mean?

We get this question all the time. The term is short for “media quote daily” which was the original name for the Mequoda Group. (more…)


The Mequoda Organigraph is a map of the company’s functions, critical interactions and relationships. Unlike a static organization chart, this shows how information can be managed in a dynamic way. An audience-driven, content management system is organic and dynamic and, therefore, is best depicted through an organigraph. It is a system that creates opportunities for recycling and reusing content. It fosters beneficial relationships with customers and marketing partners.


A term first used by Internet entrepreneur and website developer Don Nicholas to describe a method for designing and managing websites and website networks. The term is an acronym for “media quote daily” which is core to Nicholas’s approach to building website networks that includes seven specific website types. A Mequoda Website Network always includes a free Mequoda Internet Hub surrounded by one or more Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes.

Mequoda Daily’s Favorite Blogs, Tools and Research of 2007

2007 was a great year for online publishing, and the digital world in general. Here are our favorite bits and pieces.

In light of the new year, we thought we’d give an ode to the Mequoda Daily works and research of 2007. It’s been a long year for Mequoda, with one very exciting Mequoda Summit, half a dozen webinars and seminars, new books, and TONS of new research.

It’s also been a great year for helpful online tools, so to start off, we’d like to recap on some of the wonderful tools we’ve discovered and have written an article or two about.

Fundamentals of Generating Website Revenue

Internet publishing profitability boils down to four elements

If you serve a small niche market, then generating website revenue may require creating additional information products, doing joint ventures with other entrepreneurs, and joining the affiliate programs of other Internet publishing businesses that offer quality products and services.

CES 2007 Video Explosion, the Digital Future and Your Internet Publishing Strategy

Will dedicated digital readers using eInk technology save the “printed” word?

As I fly east from CES 2007, I am contemplating the new Internet Gold Rush. While most publishers are still focused on using the Internet to deliver text and pictures, the world’s video producers, including millions of amateur video makers, are already streaming their content over the Internet. Experts count as many as 10 Internet TV (IPTV) protocols that will soon be bringing video to your computer, TV and mobile phone. More than 60 percent of U.S. Internet users have experienced video over the Internet.

The Journalist Who Answers this Ad Takes an Important Step Toward a Secure and Rewarding Future

We’re Looking for a Very Special Person to Grow with Our Internet Publishing Company

If you’re an Internet-savvy reporter, writer, blogger or online journalist with ambition and a desire to learn, the most expensive mistake of your life could be to ignore this career opportunity.

Job title: Media Reporter and Blogger-in-chief

Consumer Reports Membership Website Case Study

With 1.6 million paid subscribers, has more paid subscribers than any other publication-based website.

That may not be a huge surprise considering their print magazine has a paid circulation of 4.1 million and growing. Yet we can’t help but wonder, while so many other magazine publishers are still so confused about their Internet publishing model, how has Consumer Reports been so clear from the very beginning?

Internet Publishing Strategy 2006

How’s your Internet Publishing Strategy doing? Fifteen years after Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, most publishers are still struggling to cope with a permission marketing world where consumers have all the power.

If you’ve made the shift, congratulations and welcome to the brave new world of niche media empires, media agnostic publishing and user-centric product design. If not, you may have noticed that your old vertical media dynasty may be losing value at an increasingly rapid pace. Time to wake up and smell the electrons.

Recycling Website Content to become a Successful eBook Publisher

A writer and publisher I know was making a good living with his simple, advertising-driven website. His topic is hot and his content is rich in keywords. His site includes about 3,000 pages of content and through a combination of Google AdSense ads and a few select affiliate deals, he’ll do about $1.2M in revenue for this year.