What Does “Mequoda” Mean?

The Mequoda Method, when run as a repeating cycle of management behaviors, creates an audience-driven, continuous-improvement media management system.

Mequoda is a term coined by Internet entrepreneur and website developer Don Nicholas to describe a method for designing and managing websites and website networks. The term is an acronym for “media quote daily,” which is core to Nicholas’ approach to building website networks that includes seven specific website types.

A Mequoda Website Network includes a minimum of two websites, where one is a free Mequoda Internet Hub and the other is one of the seven Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes. Mequoda is now used to describe a wide variety of Internet publishing and online marketing terms that extend the Mequoda philosophy.

A Mequoda System is always an Internet-centric, content driven, multiplatform publishing system that encompasses and embraces all media.

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The Mequoda Method is a continuous cycle of management behaviors, which create an audience driven media management system. To develop the Mequoda Method, the Mequoda Group studied hundreds of successful and not-so-successful website publishers to determine the seven best practices that we call the Mequoda Method.

This system helps publishers, Internet marketers and web designers learn how to turn their special interest magazine, newsletter, book, website, blog, forum, TV show, radio show or newspaper column into a multi-million dollar niche media empire.

The Mequoda Media Pyramid is the core of every Mequoda System. The foundation of the pyramid is the means by which you draw prospects into your customer base and build relationships. The pyramid provides a system for organizing content to maximize profit.

Various media products have a natural hierarchy in terms of price, content and trust. You create many products in many formats and pull customers up the media pyramid, thereby, increasing profit.

If you would like more information on using the Mequoda Method as your Internet business model, please contact Kim@Mequoda.com.


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