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Tag: online publication

The Best Online Directory Software for Publishers

What to look for in online directory software, from Haven, to WordPress, Joomla, and third-party products

The directory website business model still has a lot of upside for multiplatform publishers. When executed correctly, directories can be a win-win for any ambitious publisher. The publisher produces a framework and reference content, and the advertiser pays to post

Twitter Publishing: What Hath Full-Length Wrought?

If you know the Mequoda Method, you know that Twitter publishing is important when it comes to multiplatform publishing. But how much does that importance depend on this social media strategy’s format?

Meanwhile, Facebook Instant Articles is expanding, as well.

We’ve also got news to relay from on promoting content and ad blocking programs. Let’s get started!

Bezos Signals the Changing of the Guard?

The Washington Post Company has agreed to sell its namesake newspaper and affiliated publications to Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of for 250 million in cash. Bezos will be the sole owner of The Washington Post and it will go back to being a privately held company once the deal goes through.

Site Speed Makes Website Traffic Analytics Happy

Site Speed Most Important for SEO?
A recent article published over on reports that news content readers say they won’t read your website if it isn’t fast. With 47 percent of mobile users using mobile sites and apps to read news content, four out of 10 say site speed is the most important aspect of their

Crowdsourcing Content: Why & How to Get More Guest Blog Posts

Since Mequoda launched eight years ago, our belief that free is what sells hasn’t changed.

In fact, our entire system and those of our clients are based around the Long Tail strategy, which we’ve developed into a system to that focuses on giving away valuable content in order to gain the trust of future buyers.

When Chris Andersen wrote The Long Tail so many years ago, he already knew what was to come in the online publishing world:

“There will always remain a division of labor between professionals and amateurs. But it may be more difficult to tell the two groups apart in the future.”

Blogging for Editors

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to use your written content to attract, engage and retain an audience online.

Artistic Examples of Content Marketing

How artistic content producers and publishers can be using content marketing

I recently came to the realization as to why I love content marketing so much. It goes back to my childhood where the love of music started. There was something very spiritually moving about artists who create with passionate and persistent, and then share their art with the rest of us. It was this single understanding that led me to learn about music, listen to as much as possible and begin my love affair with what has since been coined as content marketing.

After that brief introduction, let’s fast-forward to modern times and the opportunities artists have with content marketing. For known artists who already have a following, there are some websites that are specifically designed for musicians and music lovers to share live recordings., and are just a few of these sites. The artists found in these recordings are true musicians in the sense that they love creating musical pieces and sharing them with their fans. They aren’t the greedy, mainstream music industry clones that are all too present on radio stations nowadays seeking fame and fortune. They are people, like you and I, who have found their passion and want to spend their days engulfed in it. And probably be able to sustain that living.

Three Types of Online Businesses for Content Marketing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how the content marketing strategy can help sell digital content

(Nationwide)—The time of content marketing is now here. With content marketing comes three types of websites that can utilize a content marketing strategy. These include:

Website type #1: Online Publishing: This type of website is used to bring content to an online audience. Online publishing websites involve the creation and publishing of content and the creation of webpages to house that content. In order to grow the audience of an online publication, publishers use blogs, web pages, email, PDFs, podcasts, video, RSS feeds and other digital media content.

Landing Pages that Maximize Email Conversion Rates

Our Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines free report includes eight steps for creating high performance RCLPs

Download our free report Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines now

Building a database of potential customers is the backbone of online marketing. It is a main piece of online revenue generation, and it houses the audience that appreciates the content and products you produce.

Therefore, building and maintaining the database is crucial to the success of an online publication.

Why It’s Important for Online Publishers to Create a Multi-Platform Brand

And three components to building a multi-platform brand that you may want to utilize

While writing this, I am reminded of the lemming myth. I’m sure you may have heard it before. The tale was that if one lemming were to walk off a cliff, all the others would follow. Scientific evidence has shown that such a theory is incorrect, but the anecdote still holds a place in minds’ of those who are always questioning the actions surrounding them.

When new mediums or strategies emerge, some people jump on the first opportunity to use them. Others are more cautious. They wait for more information to come out, to see results others experience, and to carefully plan their steps so they don’t end up making an ill-advised mistake that could be detrimental to the health of their business.

Many publishers fall into this category. They are smart, savvy and hardworking, but have been cautious with adopting multiple mediums for their online publication. Others have started the process, but are taking it slowly.

Week In Review: August 2nd, 2010 – August 6th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Would You Like a Taste of the Mequoda Summit?

Our new Digital Media Podcast provides an example of the Mequoda Summit experience

Download our Mequoda Summit Digital Media Podcast: A Dozen Minutes from the Mequoda Summit 2006 now

It’s the time of year again to prepare for our upcoming Mequoda Summit Boston 2010. For the second Summit of 2010, we have pulled out all the stops to create an unprecedented experience for our attendees.

We’ve brought together four influential members of the publishing and online content industry to share their insightful stories of success. These keynote speakers will be offering case studies and first-hand advice.

How do you determine your value for advertisers?


Let say you are a new, strictly online publication, readership is at 5,000 unique per issue and going up with a bullet.

How do you initiate with advertisers, direct contact or through a 3rd party? Also how do you get a pulse on market price?


Twitter for Publishers: Webinar Early-Bird Ends Tomorrow!

Last chance to save when you join us next Wednesday to learn about Twitter from BusinessWeek, Dream of Italy, and USAToday

Twitter for Publishers

Start integrating Twitter into your online business strategy and begin building your online community, managing your brand, and building a new revenue stream!

Top 20 Online Publishing Books to Read in 2009

How does a book make our list of “Top 20 Online Publishing Books”?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been busily scouring for books on the topic of online publishing. There are 5,000+ books on Amazon that one could read to better their online publishing business.

Online Publishing Book Review: What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting by Ted Demopoulos

Find fresh content at a trade show, seminar or conference. No doubt there are dozens of industry events happening worldwide right now. It’s impossible for your subscribers to attend all of them. Why not take that opportunity and turn your coverage of these events into fresh online content.

Listen to the Billionaire

An old-media chief executive senses the birth of a media revolution and provides adoption tips

Rupert Murdoch is a classic old media titan. He’s the majority shareholder and chief executive of News Corporation, the ambiguously named media multinational that owns

A Tip on Buying Co-Reg Names

Whether you call it co-registration, co-reg, co-operative registration or third-party lead generation, it’s a proven method of securing new leads for your paid publication, provided you have a robust free email newsletter.

Co-registration is a process of acquiring permission-based leads or subscribers to an online publication.

The Wall Street Journal’s Publishing Case Study

The Wall Street Journal’s website,, has achieved incredible success by selling print subscriptions online while simultaneously selling subscriptions to their online product. As a result, they are a great example of how to sell millions of dollars in subscriptions from one website. After perusing their site, we have identified seven marketing lessons to be learned from If your online publication can manage to follow at least five of the seven lessons well, you should be able to increase print subscription sales from your website. Landing Page Review

The fundamental mistake made by many entrepreneurs is the classic chicken-and-egg scenario in which the inventor first creates a new product and then seeks a market for it.

Experienced product developers do the opposite. They anticipate the changes in society. They assess the evolving problems, requirements and desires of consumers, and look for opportunities that have not yet been addressed by the market. Then they forecast demand and create new products that fill the gap.

Analyze Successful Subscription Websites for Clues on Designing and Marketing Your Own

Here’s a shortcut to membership website success: find online businesses that are working for other people and model them. Study what they are doing correctly and do likewise. To help build and maintain your own successful site, make a habit of analyzing other sites for form, function and design. Website Design Review describes itself as “the all-inclusive online destination for publishers, retailers, librarians, agents, authors, distributors, studio executives, screenwriters, publicists, book groups and more!” It’s an accurate description.

VNU Business Media, publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Computing, and other trade titles, launched, its first solely online publication, in January of 2005.

Investigating the viability of your paid membership website niche by researching no-cost online resources for similar topics

Before the Internet and the world wide web provided us with easy access to a plethora of information resources without charge, print newsletters were the dominant medium for publishing specialized subject matter.

Internet Media Review Names Best Online Book Marketer

Amazon affiliate has won the IMR Business Strategy Award 2004 for using best strategies and practices to make money selling other people’s books online. The other top 9 sites rated in the study do well, but would do far better if they followed a few simple rules.

DMA Launches New Website to Help Publishers Harness the Internet

Digital Media Advisors (DMA) announced today the launch of their first online publication, Internet Media Review: The Journal of Online Bristol, RI – September 14, 2004 – Marketing & Publishing. IMR’s mission is to help print and electronic publishers understand and profit from the best practices used by the Internet’s most successful online publishers.

The 12 commandments of publishing a membership website or online newsletter

Like immutable laws of nature, some rules are ironclad. Follow these directives and you can expect to succeed. Ignore even one of them and your business and personal achievements will be significantly diminished.

Trade Shows or Industry Conferences Are a Great Source of Content

New content for online publishers by covering trade show and conferences

Attendance is down at shows and conferences, making it more important than ever that you cover such events.