Three Types of Online Businesses for Content Marketing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how the content marketing strategy can help sell digital content

(Nationwide)—The time of content marketing is now here. With content marketing comes three types of websites that can utilize a content marketing strategy. These include:

Website type #1: Online Publishing: This type of website is used to bring content to an online audience. Online publishing websites involve the creation and publishing of content and the creation of webpages to house that content. In order to grow the audience of an online publication, publishers use blogs, web pages, email, PDFs, podcasts, video, RSS feeds and other digital media content.

Website type #2: Online Retail: Online retail is like having an online storefront. It involves selling merchandise or services for direct consumption by an audience. A content marketing strategy will allow an online publisher to not only sell products, but will also help them get their website found by Internet users utilizing search engines.

Website type #3: Online Strategy: This method includes a hybrid website that mixes online publishing with online retail. It helps online publishers decide which direction they should go in with their Internet-based endeavors.

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