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Building a database of potential customers is the backbone of online marketing. It is a main piece of online revenue generation, and it houses the audience that appreciates the content and products you produce.

Therefore, building and maintaining the database is crucial to the success of an online publication.

So the question is: How do online publishers and content marketers build their database? The answer is simple: By using Rapid Conversion Landing Pages (RCLP).

I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about RCLPs before. We apologize if it gets redundant, but the topic is so horribly important. Without RCLPs, random visitors to your website will be nothing more than that. RCLPs are the tool that sets into motion the creation of a relationship. They offer a free product and capture the consenting user’s name and email address in the process.

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The most effective way of quickly building an email database is through the “free on free” offer. The offer involves a free gift for simply agreeing to accept a free email newsletter or free email tips.

The free gift you can use for an RCLP can vary, ranging from free eBooks or reports to audio or video podcasts. We offer the combination of free eBooks, free white papers and free podcasts.

The “free on free” offer has shown higher response rates than just offering a free email newsletter. It’s not very surprising; who wouldn’t want an additional piece of free content, especially on a topic that is already of interest?

Now that the Internet has reached a world of offering free samples whenever possible, it’s a good idea to know the audience accepting the free samples. A rapid conversion landing page will help you understand and get to know your audience, while being able to fulfill their content needs.

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