A Fundamental Component of SEO Campaign Management

The Keyword Universe as a focal point for SEO campaign management

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we briefly discussed the value of having a Keyword Universe.

If you had time to read the article, you would have been left with five methods for growing your Keyword Universe.

These methods were prefaced by the notion that hundreds of secondary keyword phrases could amount to a lot of valuable traffic from core audience members, even if the secondary phrases have small amounts of annual traffic by themselves.

When it comes to online businesses, traffic is hugely important. This is why we teach how to design a relevant Keyword Universe that your editors, audience development personnel and content producers can view while working with content.

What’s a Keyword Universe?

If you want to gain visibility for your website, it needs to have a variety of keywords that are search engine optimized. This group of keywords is often referred to as your Keyword Universe.

When a search is conducted in Google, the results are organic. The results of an organic search cannot be paid for like the advertisements located on the top or the right of the listings. Strong keyword usage and understanding is what determines the page ranking of the website within the organic search. Knowing how to create a Keyword Universe will potentially help you move up in the rankings.

A Keyword Universe is comprised of every word that can bring awareness to your website. These keywords need to be the phrases your potential audience is searching for, and ones that categorize the content on your website. If you add a keyword phrase into your Keyword Universe then you should have corresponding content about it on your website.

How To Build Your Keyword Universe

The best part of building your Keyword Universe is that you can do it for free. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to compile your keywords. Then, you can export that list into a categorized spreadsheet.

Further Considerations

Researching keywords prior to creating your Keyword Universe is a smart thing to do. You will be able to see the popularity of the keywords, what the competition on the specific keywords is and you may even find phrases you hadn’t realized your target audience is searching for.

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