Are You on the Right Page with SEO?

SEO copywriting advice on positioning your content

SEO copywriting is a harder process than meets the eye. The SEO copywriter has to produce creative content and then insert keywords into that content.

The focus has to then shift towards the technological side of things. Meta tags, meta data and meta descriptions should be keyworded as well. This information will help provide a concise description of your page while the snippet is seen in search engine results pages.

Many people performing SEO copywriting duties will stop at this point. The content is created and the meta side of things is finalized, so what else is there?

Take a look at your architecture

This advice is mainly for those starting in SEO copywriting who aren’t familiar with all aspects of it. One major attribute that is often times neglected by beginners is the placement of your well-written, keyword-rich content.

Your site should be designed so that your strongest content is up front. Don’t bury the content you spent so much time on placing keywords into. When it comes to search engines, bots will be looking for your keyword-oriented content on the front page, before it digs deeper into your website. Interior pages hidden behind other links will most likely not help your SEO content get found, even if it has an appropriate keyword density.

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An SEO copywriter must realize there’s great importance behind access to the written content. You can produce perfect articles that are filled keywords and still not receive a ranking if search engine crawlers or bots can’t access the content to properly index it.

What can be done to help your content get found?

Look at your pages of content and make sure they are not hidden deep within your website. Have other employees and associates do the same, so you can get multiple points of view on the topic.

For us, some of our most important content comes in the form of free white papers. As you may know, these white papers are free, which entices new visitors to download. All of our written blog content points to a free product. For a new visitor to download any of these products, they must first register as a member with our website. After double opting in, we have their expressed approval to send more information on a daily basis.

Our free reports are never buried deep. All of them are listed on our homepage and every daily post links to one or more of the free reports. The rapid conversion landing page that promotes for each free report is content heavy and keyword rich.

The posts are constantly linking to a free report’s landing page. These generated links, combined with a keyword rich post, is prime real estate for a high page ranking in Google.

For even better results, we run press campaigns promoting the free report. This equals even higher traffic.

For successful SEO copywriting, follow these tips to make sure your page is found. For even more insight from an experienced copywriting, register now for our SEO Copywriting Workshop webinar, hosted by Mequoda Chief Copywriter Peter A. Schaible.


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