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A valuable checklist for SEO campaign management

How well versed are you on guidelines for SEO campaign management? Do you engage in managing SEO campaigns often? If so, do you find success with them?

SEO campaign management is a subject we’ve covered often at the Mequoda Daily. Anytime new information on the evolving topic arises, we share it with our audience through the blog.

Today I wanted to share a checklist I recently found on the SEOmoz website. The post includes a video tutorial as well as the written checklist of “Critical” and “Worth Double Checking” aspects of SEO.

The checklist is worth taking a look at if you engage in SEO campaigns regularly, or if you are new to the process. It will leave you with 16 components of search engine optimization that, when properly executed upon, will help your pages rank higher and receive more traffic.

To take a look at the SEO checklist, visit the SEOmoz blog.

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