Digital Native Survey – Web Usage Habits [Video]

This segment from the Digital Native Survey reinforces the power of the Internet

How many hours do you spend on the Internet each day? This is the question asked to our Digital Native respondents in the following video.

Obviously, someone’s profession plays part in this answer. For online publishers, content marketers, online editors and social media marketers, the Internet is their virtual office. Entire working days are spent online; interacting and discovering relevant information for running an online business.

With Internet connectivity possible through mobile devices, digital natives and digital immigrants alike have the opportunity to peruse the digital world as they please. The question: “How often do you browse the web on your phone?” is also displayed in the clip below. A significant number of respondents reported using the Internet on their phone “every dull moment”; see what percentage reported doing so, in addition to the total amount of time they spend online each day in this informative clip from our Digital Native Survey.


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