Do You Want a Robust Digital Audience?

Every day digital magazine publishing potential is growing

It’s amazing to be an inside component in a growing industry. It isn’t an experience that happens too often, but ever since mobile devices entered the marketed place and started offering new and exciting functionality, digital magazine publishing potential has grown.

And of course, we aren’t the only ones expecting this trend to continue. Reputable industry researchers predict hundreds of millions of tablets to be sold worldwide throughout the next few years. With desktop computing and TV usage decreased at the hands of tablet owners, do you think mobile devices will become habitually used by major demographics?

It’s also true that even if tablets end up in the hands of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, digital publishers still have to grapple with the challenge of audience development. Digital publishers need to present their content to the right people; the people who will engage, interact, purchase, and ideally become brand ambassadors for the content they produce.

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How are you spearheading audience development activities? Do you have viable audience development strategies in place?

For those seeking audience development advice from forward thinking, successful publishers, we have an event for you.

The Audience Development Summit 2012 will feature top digital publishing executives who are at the forefront of digital transformation. These professionals are active during this evolutionary time, and have helped bring their digital publications to a vast audience of Internet users.

Learn more about the Audience Development Summit 2012 now. And while you’re at it, be sure to take a look at the unprecedented lineup of speakers.


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