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Today we will be looking at multiple articles from Marketing Land focusing on email marketing tips and techniques. If you haven’t heard of Marketing Land, they are a news and information site that covers Internet marketing. They have lots of content updated frequently that should cover all your internet marketing needs.

Four Tips For Writing Emails That Sell

Email is a one-on-one conversation with your reader, which is part of what makes it so effective for marketing. Thousands of people may see your message (depending on the size of your list), but the conversation ultimately happens in one person’s inbox at a time.

Because email feels so personal, your messages need to connect with the people you’re talking to. You need to keep each individual engaged with your message so that your email can sell.

Here are four ways to draw a person into conversation in the inbox.

1. Draw Them In With Killer Headlines

The subject line is your conversation starter. It’s your first impression in the inbox and helps your reader make up his mind whether your email is worth reading or not.

There are plenty of ways to craft a killer subject line that draws your reader in. Ask a question, or tease your message content with a clever play on words. Just make sure that it’s related to your message content — you don’t want your readers to regret opening the message, because they won’t forget it.

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Four Responsive Email Layouts

Recognizing the industry needed a scalable design strategy that acknowledged the growing stable of web-enabled devices, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “responsive web design.”

Designing responsively means planning for a site to span and appropriately adjust to a range of screens and resolutions, rather than creating unique interfaces or experiences for each.

Marcotte’s recent book, also titled Responsive Web Design, defined the idea as having three key pieces:

1. Flexible, grid-based layouts

2. Flexible images (and media)

3. Media queries

Responsive Email

Their powers combined, those components allow for (web) experiences that respond to the viewing environment – but what about email?

Flexible/fluid grids pose a problem for email marketers – while possible, complexity and consistent rendering are going to be at odds. Flexible images can be a different story, though the rigidity of table structures can lessen their impact. Media queries, however, work quite well and provide a safe fallback.

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Seasonal Tips For Engaging Email Subscribers

It’s summer, and that means it’s time to change up your emails. Why’s that? Tailoring your emails to the season will help you meet your subscribers’ current needs and acknowledge you care about what’s on their mind.

We’ve got some content ideas that will help you with meeting seasonal needs, but you can also use these ideas to spice up subject lines, provide bonus resources or ignite social media conversations.

Here’s what you can do by season:


What’s on their mind: summer vacation, BBQs and fun outside.

How your email campaign changes:

  • Offer solutions: activities for kids, best places to visit, summer recipes.
  • Since people take vacations, consider lightening up your own workload and send less frequently.
  • Use juicy, vibrant colors to capture the mood of the season.

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Below is an article from Chris Sturk at Mequoda that’s also focusing on email marketing advice:

You Probably Haven’t Thought About Email Subject Lines This Way…

An approach you should consider while crafting each email subject line you test or send

By now you’ve probably read our free report on the most successful email subject lines used by email marketers and email copywriters alike. These email subject lines focus on the psychology behind emotional responses and intrigue that we experience throughout our lives. However, beyond these actual email subject lines, there are specific ways to think about reaching your audience.

For instance, we publish an email newsletter each day, and multiple articles daily too. We try to avoid reader fatigue by presenting an array of subject lines and headlines. If we continually used the same email subject line archetypes, our readers might pick up on the stylistic approach and get tired of it. Which is why there are a few things to remember while creating email subject lines.

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