Improve Findability with SEO Blogging

SEO Blogging can do wonders for online publications

Have you ever analyzed your posts that drive the most website traffic? What characteristics do they have that make them so valuable?

In some instances, it’s purely your content. Numbered lists comprised of useful information and how-to articles often sit atop the most popular articles for many digital publishers.

However, there are sometimes articles that get a lot of acknowledgement for containing timely subject matter. For instance, any type of articles on how to use Pinterest as a publisher may have seen a lot of traffic if published right as the social site was gaining major popularity.

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If you have any articles that were popular during a specific time frame, take a close look at those articles for search engine validity. Are they carefully optimized for relevant keywords? Re-optimizing any popular news articles will help those articles live on in search engines, while driving more website traffic.

This is one method for improving findability on articles that were specifically written for a timely news piece, or articles that may have neglected the optimization process. For more effective ways of maximizing editorial content, including how to repurpose long-form articles into shorter pieces for SEO blogging and social media, join us at the Digital Publishing Workshop this July in New York City.


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