New Email Marketing Trends

Stay ahead of the competition with these email marketing tips

Have you thought about using podcasts for building email circulation? With the popularity of iTunes and online radio like Pandora, podcasts are an easy way to reach eager listeners through the Internet.

Creating a podcast is not as technically challenging as it may sound.  There are free software programs available that are fairly user-friendly. Try Audacity, FeedforAll or Easy Podcast.

Next, create a rapid conversion landing page. This is where users will “land” to download the podcast. The RCLP should be keyword-rich and highlight the content of your podcast.


Once you’ve created a podcast and the corresponding RCLP, here are four ways to promote it:

  1. Create an email about your podcast that will be sent to your existing list of email subscribers and points to the RCLP. Always include the option to “Forward to a Friend”.
  2. Use social media to spread the word. Post a comment about the podcast on Facebook and LinkedIn. Tweet it to your followers on Twitter.
  3. Start an online PR campaign. Create a search engine optimized press release about the podcast. Post it on your website, then, distribute it through free online PR sites.
  4. Upload on YouTube. You can use a free program from Download their encoder, read the instructions on the page (or view the instructional video) and you can start uploading your content right away. Be sure to incorporate appropriate tags so that your podcast can be easily found.

Each of these marketing options must include a link back to the rapid conversion landing page for your podcast. Once a user “lands” on your RCLP they should be prompted to exchange their email address, at a minimum, to gain greater site access, receive email updates or additional free downloads. This will help you increase traffic and ultimately, you will get more email subscribers.

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