Take a Look at These Top-Performing Email Newsletters

The email newsletters with the highest open rates and click-through rates have some specific reasons for their success

During the month of June, we sent out 20 daily email newsletters and five Week in Review emails. Additionally, we sent out at least one promotional email each week during the month.

Recently I took a look at the email statistics for that month to determine the top performing email newsletters in terms of open rate and click-through rate. For today’s article, I will discuss the four email articles that received the best results, and the characteristics of them that helped lead to the highest open rates and click-through rates for the month of June.

Top email newsletters of June

First, let’s take a look at the subject lines of these emails, because they clearly had components that stood out to our readers:

  • The 14 Best Words That Get People to Open Email
  • Two Out-of-the-Box Unsubscribe Pages That’ll Make You Think Twice
  • Digital Magazine Publishing Firsts
  • Are Tablets Reaching Critical Mass?

What stands out to you as interesting? Do you recall opening any of these specific email newsletters? If so, do you recall why?

In the first example – The 14 Best Words That Get People to Open Email – there is a very blatant promise. If you open and read this email, you will discover 14 words that persuade email recipients into opening. Since email marketing and content marketing through email newsletters is a goal of many digital publishers and online business owners, they find value in the information promised in this email.

This email had a high click-through rate as well. The three links provided in the email were all well aligned with the topic, including a book on the topic by a respected author, and two free report download links on email list building and email subject line creation.

Download a FREE copy of Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Premium Subscriptions and Memberships and discover an extensive list of email subject line frameworks that are consistently proven to sell and boost revenue for publishers.

The second example – Two Out-of-the-Box Unsubscribe Pages That’ll Make You Think Twice – is an interesting subject line. It challenges the readers by suggesting that it will make them “think twice.” Like the first email subject line, it specifies an exact number of creative solutions, applicable to subscribe pages – a topic many digital publishers wonder about.

The next article – Digital Magazine Publishing Firsts – contains information on a popular topic that is evolving before us. Digital magazine publishing is an industry that rapidly changes with the way digital content is consumed on tablets and smartphones. The “firsts” communicates to recipients that new, updated content is available within the email newsletter.

Finally, the last article – Are Tablets Reaching Critical Mass? – asks the audience a question, inquiring for their insight on the topic. It also deals with subject matter that is popular and controversial to industries where tablet growth is important. For publishers, the topic of tablet growth and potential critical mass is very important.

A few things to remember

While creating email campaigns and email subject lines, pay attention to:

-The promises you make: Be sure to always fulfill any promises in the body copy.

-The topics you cover: New and updated content is great to share with audiences.

-The specifics you use: Using a number to express the number of tips someone will learn from your email is a practical strategy.

-The interaction you create: Audience members won’t necessarily get involved with the conversation if you aren’t asking questions.

Do you have any stories you want to share about your top performing email campaigns? Please use the comments section below.


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