Tapping into New Audiences – 7 Direct Traffic Builders

Are you using legacy, physical and promotional products to their full capacity?

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily we discussed five methods for increasing direct website traffic that multiplatform publishers have been utilizing.

Those five included: Books, Magazines, Packaged Goods, Live Events and Radio.

To build upon that list, here are two more suggestions that can be used to increase your overall number of website traffic.

Build direct website traffic with podcasts and newsletters

Podcasts can be presented in audio or video formats, sold, or given away for free. The important aspect to keep in mind about podcasts is that they should be an acceptable length, often times no more than 10 minutes, and need to be filled with high-quality content. Without great content, there is no reason to create a podcast.

Podcasts give publishers the opportunity to take advantage in mediums other than the written word while appealing to larger potential audiences. In today’s digital landscape filled with social sharing, the love of multimedia content and the extensive use of mobile devices, the podcast’s potential is bigger than ever before.

Newsletters, whether you publish them yourself or can partner with someone who does, also offer a way to drive website traffic. You could syndicate your content in someone else’s newsletter and include a link to your website in the author’s bio to drive traffic back to your website.

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29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

The methods shared above for increasing website traffic fall in the category of direct traffic.

However, these are certainly not the only methods online publishers use for increasing website traffic. In fact, there are four other main types which include search engines, referring sites, email and paid media.

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