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Tag: paid media

Print magazine or newsletter publishers traditionally generate 95 percent of their publication's revenue by utilizing paid media - particularly direct mail, but also insert cards, billing and renewal inserts, card decks, perhaps some TV, and other direct-marketing sources. When these publishers establish an online presence, most continue to rely on paid media - particularly email offers to rented email address lists - as a major part of their promotional mix to drive traffic.

39 Ways to Sell New Multiplatform Membership Programs

39 ways to increase your Internet audience, revenue, and profits through new multiplatform membership programs
We currently operate more than a dozen membership marketing systems in partnership with some of the country’s leading content brands including Prime Publishing, Yankee Publishing, and Cabot Heritage Corporation. The tips and advice provided in this article are drawn from our direct experience around

Selling Subscriptions While You Sleep

I woke up this morning thinking about all the great ways we’ve discovered to sell subscriptions on the Internet. Yes, these are the things that I dream about. The idea that while I’m deeply asleep, the systems we manage are busily selling subscriptions to magazines and newsletters and premium memberships that include all sorts of benefits to customers who are awake and spending money while I’m sound asleep makes me a happy guy.

3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Outsourcing Subscription Marketing Management

Losing subscribers without gaining new ones is a universal fear for any subscription-based organization, and rightly so. When a decrease in active subscribers leads to an overall decline in revenue, publishers may find themselves facing uncertainty about the staying power of their product, or worse: the future of their business.

But what if we told you

Mequoda Announces 6 Subscription Website Systems for 2017

A Mequoda Audience Development System is a physical, turn-key content management system that is customized to help publisher’s attract new visitors, convert them into email subscribers, engage them, and finally, monetize by converting those visitors into paying customers and subscribers.

To build every Mequoda Audience Development System (Mequoda System for short), we use the Mequoda Method — a collection of best practices that have been formed by watching the world’s most successful online publishers. We also document the results of every a/b and split test that our portfolio of clients are testing every day, and when we see consistent results over time with one methodology, we share it as a best practice with our clients.

The 10 Best Content Marketing Podcasts for Editors and Magazine Marketers

How to become a better content marketer, editor, and writer by listening to these content marketing podcasts

The first time I knew people listened to podcasts in their free time was back in 2007-ish when I went to an event called PodCamp, and while it wasn’t solely focused on podcasting, there was an abundance of fans

The Most Common AdWords Mistakes Many Publishers Make

While using Google AdWords looks easy, it takes knowledge and hard work to be good at it. But there’s a big payoff. If you follow the advice below and correct just one of the following AdWords mistakes, you may find that your response and revenue double or even triples – overnight.

International Media News: Time Spent, Device Usage, Digital Advertising Trends

When you read about international media news like the kind eMarketer covers below, small and midsize digital magazines have the ability to act on it overnight to start capitalizing on audience potential, a bigger pool of tablet users, and expanded digital ad revenue opportunities.

Publishing Industry Analysis: Tablets, Smartphones, Email, Ads

Sometimes, you just need the numbers, right? When it comes to making decisions that could be the difference between flourishing or folding, data is a commodity. Device usage, performance metrics, ROI: Publishing industry analysis on these factors and others will determine the direction digital magazines take in the coming years – which themselves will be crucial in the digital media evolution.

Few sites can provide the data that eMarketer does day in and day out, all for free. To start the week, let’s see what they have to say about several areas of interest to publishers.

Top Technology For Digital Marketers

Digital marketers have a lot of technical resources to help them collect and utilize data, but which technology is most valuable?

Organic Search Leads Website Traffic Referrals

We’ve been talking about the value of organic traffic for years. Audience members seem to trust it more and we’re seeing its value in terms of website referral traffic as well. A new article from eMarketer highlights data from BrightEdge, which looked at organic search traffic between June and July of this year.

Week in Review: December 10th, 2012 – December 14th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to a Site

Three or four times a year I get to help launch a new website. Given that we use organic sources like search engines, links from referring websites, and social media to drive qualified traffic, getting those first visitors to a new website is an interesting challenge. The tips provided below will help increase website traffic to a new website, or help an existing website increase website traffic, too.

Social Media Marketers Choose Email, SEO

Social media is one of the more organic methods for promoting ideas to interested parties. After all, people are on social networks to interact with other people – what can be more organic than that?

Among social media marketers, email and search engine optimization were preferred marketing channels, according to Social Media Examiner, which recently released data from its annual survey.

My Digital Publishing Incubator: Exploring Internet Business Models

17 strategic questions that your next digital publishing business plan must answer

I got a call last week from a colleague who has been thinking about launching his own digital publishing business for several years. Like most of the people who come to me for help, he has assets. Over the years, I’ve discovered that assets are very helpful in making a new launch successful faster. He is a well-known expert in his field with many important and influential contacts that can help him launch his new venture. He has content having successfully published a number of best-selling books closely related to his topic. He has a database of email fans and followers. He has a network of potential employees, contractors and advisors including me. And while he does not have a publishing or media brand, it won’t be difficult to turn his well-known byline into one, with the right marketing plan.

Three Reasons Why Email is More Valuable Than You Think

The rise in mobile is increasing email usage

Email evangelists have a new reason to step up onto their soapbox and preach the good word of email.

Not to say there was ever a doubt, but with the growth of social media, added attention to paid media and attempts to constantly optimize all website content, some online publishers may overlook their email programs while prioritizing time.

Online Publishers, Do You Get the Big Picture?

The Mequoda System Strategy Workshop details the complete picture for successful online publishing

We designed our Mequoda System Strategy Workshop so that different types of people can attend and gain value from the program.

Thus far, all my colleagues who have experienced the content have given rave reviews about the program.

The next opportunity publishers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have to experience the Mequoda System Strategy Workshop is in New York City on October 27th at the McGraw Hill Conference Center.

When Users Expect to Pay, Are You Ready to Sell?

Mequoda System Strategy Workshop discusses why Google AdWords should be in your traffic mix

We don’t always talk about this directly, but it’s important to bring people to your website who are ready to buy.

For any publisher with a store, AdWords will almost always be a positive part of the mix for selling aligned products like books, online courses and DVDs.

Launch Process Updated to Include Paid Media for Driving Website Traffic

The Mequoda System Strategy Workshop has been updated to include 49 steps for launching and running a successful online business

I recently spoke to a friend and colleague about our upcoming Mequoda System Strategy Workshop at the Mequoda Summit East 2011.

While he likes the new 44 steps outlined in this session for starting and running an online business, he commented on one specific aspect of the strategy; the fact that the traffic strategy we outline relies totally on organic methods like SEO, SMO, link building and email.

Discover 5 Strategies for Email Content Today

Use the power of email to reach your audience in different ways

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed two methods for using email to sell products and build your audience.

The sales letter email and the circulation builder were the examples described.

Today, I’d like to continue discussing email types that online businesses use to engage audiences members with these additional methods.

Want Tips for Generating More Website Traffic?

Last chance to register for our 29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic webinar

Who doesn’t want more strategies for generating website traffic?

Traffic is the lifeblood for online publishers and content marketers. It is the starting point for all online relationships and conversions.

Tapping into New Audiences – 7 Direct Traffic Builders

Are you using legacy, physical and promotional products to their full capacity?

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily we discussed five methods for increasing direct website traffic that multiplatform publishers have been utilizing.

Those five included: Books, Magazines, Packaged Goods, Live Events and Radio.

Rapidly Convert Casual Visitors with Ease

A rapid conversion landing page housing a free downloadable is an intriguing offer for content seekers

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed nine components for SEO blogging that helps create informative articles that will have a better chance of getting indexed by search engines.

One of the components listed in yesterday’s article discussed the inclusion of a free report link. This link will always lead visitors to a rapid conversion landing page (RCLP) which incorporate long-form copy explaining all of the benefits surrounding the free download.

29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Order this new, 90-minute webinar on CD and discover an audience development checklist containing 29 ways to increase website traffic.

The Most Valuable Email Subscriber

Discover which traffic source is worth the most

Not all email subscribers are worth the same.

Many of our Mequoda Gold Members know this and can track the value of a subscriber by its source of origin using what we call “Original Source Identification” (OSID).

Is Your Site Built to Attract Organic Search Traffic?

Search engines should be the primary source for driving blog and website traffic

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed how to use Article Templates to increase website traffic coming from Google. The overall value of an Article Template is that it optimizes blog content for search engines and allows content to be more easily found.

Making content more easily found should be a primary goal for online editors. Their reward? A website attracting at least two-thirds of its traffic from search engines and other organic sources.

Seven Principles of Content Marketing in the Digital Age — Part 2

The emergence of new entry points makes online marketing more complicated for publishers.

Our customers — the consumers of the information you and I publish — now have more options than ever for experiencing our content. The user has come to expect content from us on numerous platforms, and woe to the publisher who ignores any opportunity or entry point.

Users want high fidelity content — both in person and online — and gather the information they seek across many media platforms.

Want to Increase Sign-ups for Your Membership Website?

How to use paid and earned media to build your membership website

Most publishers continue to rely on paid media to generate traffic for their membership website. For good reason – paid media works. And it’s often easier to buy website traffic than to rely on earned media.

Basic paid media sources for building your membership website:

Developing a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Our Internet Marketing Strategy focuses on multiple ways to maximize revenues by using the Internet as a major source of traffic and revenue. By including a variety of business-building tools, such as social media, link-building campaigns and online advertising, you will drive website traffic and increase revenue.

We’re all about free advertising but the fact is, paid media works. And sometimes it’s easier to buy website traffic than to rely on free media. A further advantage of buying traffic is that the publisher can pretty much control where and when the traffic will land on the site.

What is the difference between paid and earned media?


What is the difference between paid and earned media?


“Earned media” can not be bought, but must be “earned” by providing valuable content to other media outlets at little or no cost to them. This strategy, when executed well, can build a strong online brand that generates millions in new revenues for its parent organization. Building

What are the highest price products so far observed on eReaders?


What are the highest price products so far observed on these platforms?


Books are at the bottom of your paid “media pyramid” and they tend to do the best on ereaders, next up the line would be subscriptions, because if you can sell even a small percentage of your print There’s a $200 limit on the

What is the most popular type of NEW CONTENT for eReaders?


What about producing NEW CONTENT for e-Readers? What’s most popular? Blog, short whitepaper?? Chapters?


Books are at the bottom of your paid “media pyramid” and they tend to do the best on ereaders, next up the line would be subscriptions, because if you can sell even a small percentage of your print subscriptions in the digital

Paid Media

Print magazine or newsletter publishers traditionally generate 95 percent of their publication’s revenue by utilizing paid media — particularly direct mail, but also insert cards, billing and renewal inserts, card decks, perhaps some TV, and other direct-marketing sources. When these publishers establish an online presence, most continue to rely on paid media — particularly email offers to rented email address lists — as a major part of their promotional mix to drive traffic.

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.

Using Earned Media to Build Email Circulation

Should your internet marketing system include earned media?

Email circulation and revenue per email subscriber are the two key metrics for every Mequoda Marketing System. The first priority for system operators is building email circulation. The goal is to attract as many subscribers as possible to the free email newsletter and let the newsletter’s content do the job of filtering the good from the bad. The key concept is that customers who signup and stay active subscribers are those most likely to buy paid information products.

Setting Up a Mequoda Marketing System – Phase 1

The Internet Hub is a one of seven Mequoda Website Archetypes discovered by reviewing more then 2000 media websites. Like all Mequoda Website Archetypes, it has a limited set of core functions that make it efficient for completing a limited group of user tasks that are key to the success of an online publishing operation or Mequoda Marketing System.

How to Start and Run an Effective Online Marketing System

Key components of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The launch and operation of a Mequoda Marketing System can be divided into four phases. Most of the steps in each phase are then repeated over and over again to build email circulation and monetize customer relationships.

Higher Revenue from Full Systems

You need a full marketing system to maximize revenue

Let’s face it: Internet marketing is complicated.

It’s based in a constantly evolving environment and requires a comprehensive system to be effective.

As yesterday’s Daily explained, the foundation for that system should be an Internet Hub.

Hubs attract users and capture their information for your marketing file for later monetization.

Setting up and designing your Hub is a large part of what we call Phase 1 of an Internet marketing system’s creation.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Acknowledging that Consumers Hate Ads

An effective Internet marketing system distributes valuable content without charge

If you’re still using traditional online advertising as part of your Internet marketing strategy, know this: Nobody is paying attention!

According to a recent Forrester Research Study, only 13 percent of consumers admit that they buy products because of online ads, and a negligible six percent believe that companies generally tell the truth in ads.

Online Publishing Secret #6: Implement the Mequoda Marketing Model

The major differentiation between the Internet marketing strategy of the Mequoda System and that of traditional publishing models is the use of free content to drive online traffic. By offering free content (e.g., email newsletter subscriptions, HTML webpage access, eBooks or eReports, blogs or Web feeds) through a variety of free and/or paid media sources, a publisher can entice interested individuals to a website—a Mequoda Internet Hub.

Forbes Media Network Mequoda Case Study

Creating the World’s Most Popular Website for Entrepreneurial Capitalists

With 2006 revenues estimated at more than $510 million, up from an estimated $460 million for 2005, the newly formed Forbes Media Network is on a roll.

Forbes Media currently includes print, online conferences, radio and TV properties. At this time, an estimated $330 million still comes from the American edition of Forbes Magazine, however, senior executives Steve Forbes and Jim Spanfeller both tell Mequoda that online publishing revenues will pass print in 2008 or 2009—if the current growth rates for both print (up 6% for 2006) and online (up 57% for 2006) hold for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Mequoda System Habit #6: Implement a Mequoda Marketing System

The way in which a publisher prioritizes sources that drive traffic is a major differentiation of the Mequoda System vs. traditional publishing models. Traditionally, magazine or newsletter publishers have generated 95 percent of their publication’s revenue by spending money on paid media. While paid media sources certainly may remain a viable part of an integrated media empire’s promotional mix, no equivalent paradigm exists in print publishing for online brand-building methods that successfully drive traffic, such as distributing free media, using search engines and link-building.

Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.