Top 10 Free Press Release Sites

It’s time for our annual press release website update

This year we’ve narrowed our selection to ten free press release websites. Some free press release sites also offer extra features if you’re willing to pay for an upgrade. The first four listed are the press release sites we use most often.

  1. – Google Pagerank 6 – 1,565,984 Inbound Links
  2. – Google Pagerank 6 – 1,813,979 Inbound Links
  3. – Google Pagerank 5 – 210,202 Inbound Links
  4.– Google Pagerank 4 – 38,481 Inbound Links
  5. – Google Pagerank 5 – 243,013 Inbound Links
  6. – Google Pagerank 6 – 662,872 Inbound Links
  7. – Google Pagerank 6 – 287,935 Inbounds Links
  8. – Google Pagerank 5 – 350,045 Inbound Links
  9. – Google Pagerank 6 – 737,329 Inbound Links
  10. – Google Pagerank 4 – 357,932 Inbound Links

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Press Release Tip #1 – Google Pagerank of 4 or higher. A high pagerank doesn’t necessarily result in more traffic, but the higher the pagerank the more valuable the inbound links. PR Sites with low pagerank will give you little to no benefit and may even have a negative impact because they might have been blacklisted for spamming. You can check any sites pagerank at

Press Release Tip #2 – Search Engine Optimization. Most press release sites are designed to allow you to optimize your press release for search engines using tags, anchor text links, header tags, etc. If you’re not sure, look on the PR website for a statement about press releases being optimized for search engines (SEO).

Press Release Tip #3 – Don’t use NoFollow tags. Nofollow tags are inserted into website code to stop the search engine spiders from following the links. If the spiders can’t follow the links in your press release, there is no benefit.

Press Release Tip #4 – Lots of Inbound Links. The more inbound links they receive, the more respect they will earn and the higher they will rank in search engines. The higher they rank in search engines, the more visible your press release will become, and the more traffic you will receive.

Be sure to post all press releases on your website. To attract attention from journalists, bloggers and key individuals within your niche, distribute your press release on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A well written press release is one of the easiest and quickest forms of Internet marketing.

Do you have a preferred press release site? Please share in the comments below.


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