Two Reasons Why Advertisers Prefer Email Advertising

Picture 720How to sell online advertising and get higher CPM advertising rates in your email newsletters

According to Dan Ambrose, leading online advertising expert, and host of our Internet Advertising Basics seminar, the ultimate goal you want to accomplish when selling online advertising is to sell an ad package.

Ambrose suggests that if you are selling an ad unit on your website, you should be packaging that with an identical unit in your email newsletter.

The first reason for this is because including an ad in your email newsletter is more profitable for both you and your advertiser.

“Price the email newsletter 5-10% higher because people have opted in to your email newsletter, and email newsletters themselves get a 5-10% higher click rate than blog advertising,” says Ambrose.

Secondly, advertisers really like email newsletters. Ambrose attributes this to the fact that emails are sent at a specific time and are predictable in terms of when they will see results. “Advertisers love email newsletters because it’s so clear when they work. Even if they don’t have good tracking in their email system, they can see a spike on their website at the exact time the email was sent.”

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Suggestions from Ambrose on how increase ad impressions with email advertising:

  1. Content in the email newsletter can be set up as “teaser” copy and drive traffic back to the website. This is usually accomplished with a hyper-linked headline and incomplete teaser copy.
  2. Make email newsletters part of your advertising package. Launch email newsletters that advertisers will support. Ambrose recommends focusing on your strongest advertising categories first.

Ambrose advises against letting advertisers “cherrypick” their advertising options.

You might find less saavy advertisers who only want to pay for a spot on your website, and you might find more frugal and experienced advertisers that know email will get them a higher click through rate, and may choose to opt out of the website option.

This is where it’s your job to put together an advertising package that is satisfying to both you and your advertiser. “The audience is high quality in both places, they’re looking for the same type of information,” says Ambrose.

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