Using Internal Print Media Merchandising to Drive Website Traffic

Most Mequoda operators publish a variety of print information products. These books, magazines, newsletters and reports present an ideal opportunity to drive targeted website traffic to a Mequoda Internet Hub.

The effort may be as simple as putting the URL on the cover or page footer and may be as complex as offering print buyers additional free information at the Internet Hub that is directly related to the product they have purchased.

Many Mequoda operators report success in converting as high as 35 percent of print buyers into free email newsletter subscribers. Not surprisingly, these subscribers have the highest average spending of any documented source of new email subscriber.

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So next time you take that book, newsletter or magazine to print, make sure you have your URL placed strategically on the cover, in the footer and in the copy. Same rules apply to traditional retail products.

And don’t forget to place conversion architecture on your website so that when the traffic arrives, the user knows what to do! See Four Powerful Tools for Converting Website Visitors to Email Subscribers for more information.


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