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Tag: email newsletter subscribers

Sell More Magazine Subscriptions Online Using the Mequoda Method

At Mequoda, we’ve crunched the numbers and discovered how beautifully email newsletters work to drive revenue. It’s not the traffic that comes to your site, which is the prevailing view among folks in all industries who jumped on the bandwagon early. Back in those days, it was all about impressions! Eyeballs on your page! After all, if they show up on your website, they’re bound to subscribe to your magazine, right?


The 6 Most Important Email Analytics for Magazine Publishers

How to turn six email analytics metrics into a big picture about the performance and plans for digitally marketing your publication

Subscription Marketing on the Internet Just Got a Little Easier

If you’ve ever joined a club, purchased a membership, or even became part of a team, you understand the benefits of mutual collaboration and teamwork. This year, our goal at Mequoda was to help our Gold Members run and grow their subscription marketing and publishing businesses even more by creating a publishing network of like-minded publishers.

Strategy Spotlight with Don: The Case for Daily Emails

How often do you publish an email newsletter? Once a week? Twice? For our clients, many of them publish 5 to 7 days per week. Sound crazy?

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda explains why a daily email newsletter is the right path, and should be considered a service to your readers.

The Reason Why a Rapid Conversion Landing Page Exists

A Rapid Conversion Landing Page (a.k.a. “name squeeze” page) is essential to building a database of free email newsletter subscribers. It, along with other landing pages on a website, act as the team that builds an email list. However, the RCLP is extra special in that its main purpose in life is to drive a ton of traffic from search in order to build your email list.

What Is a Mequoda Subscription Website Portal?

A Mequoda subscription website Portal generates value from both users and sponsors
Mequoda has guided the development of more than a 300 successful niche media websites on a wide variety of niche media topics. Our best practice is to pair a free subscription website Portal with any premium subscription business model like a magazine or newsletter.

When you charge

How to Track and Increase Email Revenue

Increase email revenue by determining your ideal revenue per subscriber, and then using service journalism to keep them on a path toward monetization

A Mequoda online publishing and marketing system measures revenue produced by email newsletter subscribers differently from the way that print publishers have traditionally measured the lifetime value of a subscriber.

The revenue per email

How to Start a Magazine Centered on Long-Term Subscriber Relationships

Some folks like to talk about the decline of magazines. And yet, the digital magazine surge shows that not only are magazines surviving, but they’re alive and well, with still new ones being born.

Of course, it’s not easy to achieve. Then again, that’s what Mequoda is here for: to help would-be publishers who want to know exactly how to start a magazine, just as much as it is to help legacy publishers transition into the digital age.

7 Characteristics of an Email Newsletter That Makes Subscribers Happy

Design email newsletters that are easy to read, share and use by identifying these characteristics of an email newsletter that people stay subscribed to.

Your email subscribers aren’t cash machines, they’re humans. How often do you feel good after opening an email newsletter that tries to sell you every step of the way? Probably never, because

14 Best Website Design Guidelines for Improving Any Website

Since 2006 we have held these fourteen guidelines as the most fundamental principles of the best website design.

Every website is unique to its own audience, so you can’t include things like the best colors to use, or anything that will tell you exactly how to design a site. What we’ve put together is a report card that can be applied to any website, of any age. Like I said, this report card has existed for almost a decade and when we update it (like we did today), all of the rules still apply.

The Email Analytics You Forgot to Measure

When you think of the term “email analytics” there are two metrics you probably think of first: open rate and click rate.
If those are the only two you can think of off the top of your head, it’s probably because most email service providers use these primary metrics in most of their dashboards.

American Ceramic Society Subscription Website = Mequoda Method 101

When it comes to showing off a perfectly executed subscription website, they don’t come any more perfect than Along with all our other Mequoda top operators, they’re golden in our eyes because of eye-popping statistics like these.

3 Email List Building Tips You’re Probably Not Using

Point of purchase, social media, and physical products can help you build your email marketing list

With your brand and products listed throughout the Internet, audience members may not be introduced to you through your website. Even if they are, they may avoid signing up for your email newsletter from the start, opting to close your floater or OFIE (order form in editorial) and continue reading your content.

Week in Review: May 30th, 2011 – June 3rd, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

12 Tips for Making Email Newsletter Subscribers Happy

Email newsletter subscribers will thank you for following these 12 guidelines

An email newsletter is meant to inform the subscriber that receives it. Many non-publishers have an editorial email schedule that is much less frequent than ours. That’s why in general, we like to give at least one take-away in every email newsletter that we send, in order to keep people opening every day.

Review your email newsletter, along with these 12 guidelines to see if your email newsletter can do a better job at organizing content and getting subscribers to complete your calls to action.

Website Architecture Guidelines for Grabbing More Emails

Tips for building your email list with a more effective website

Website success depends on providing incentives to encourage visitor email registration. Email registration permits the website to follow-up with visitors at a later date, using alerts or newsletters. If a website does not attempt to capture the visitor’s email address, visitors may never revisit.

Some websites are more oriented toward relationship building than others. For example, a simple brand-building website, where the purpose of the site is to deliver a message about the company or product, could have some level of success without doing a great job at relationship building.

On the other hand, blog or editorial website that doesn’t do a good job of relationship building would be considered an utter failure. While every website should have an email capture method, for an editorial website, capturing opt-in email newsletter subscribers must be Job One.

Portals and Email Newsletters: Two User-Friendly Website Archetypes

Two money making website archetypes for online publishers

Online publishers and editors are always looking for ways of growing their audience. For most, this involves increasing the number of email subscribers on their email marketing lists.

It is, of course, very important to be continuously looking for new audience members. Or better yet, be visible to audience members who are searching for the content you provide. That’s why SEO, social media marketing, link building and distributing press releases are important marketing strategies within the online environment.

Why You Should Test Long vs. Short Copy

Landing page guidelines for writing and testing long copy salesletters

In almost every A/B split test we’ve ever done, or convinced a publisher to do, long copy prevails when trying to make a sale. A well-done long copy landing page will beat short copy four out of five times.

Why? Here’s our theory. Long copy tells them as much as they need to know – and much, much more. We know that nobody truly reads an entire 5,000 words salesletter. However, they do skim salesletters and they do find what they’re looking for in all that copy. More importantly, they end up buying a product that they know more about than one they know less about.

Email Newsletters vs. Blogging

Are email newsletters better than blogs?

I’ve read several articles discussing whether or not blogs were dying, since many well known bloggers have recently switched to email newsletters only. There was much debate in the comments that followed these articles. Some agreed that blogging was indeed dead. However, many felt email newsletters were old-fashioned. I found a few comments that expressed both blogging and email newsletters still have a place.

SEO Campaign Management and Free Reports

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how to build free reports, promote them and use them to convert visitors into email newsletter subscribers

(Nationwide)—Creating a free report, setting up a rapid conversion landing page for the free report and promoting it is a great way to build your email newsletter subscriber database.

Free reports are a big part of SEO campaign management because the information in the report is what will intrigue visitors. They will then need to enter their name and email address to receive the free report. You can use that contact information for future correspondence involving editorial content and related products.

Understand the Language of Landing Pages for Free from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group will teach you necessary components and the lingo behind successful landing pages

(Nationwide)—Every page of your website is a landing page, especially in modern times when search engine optimization plays a big part in how websites get ranked. Since visitors may enter your website from any page, you should include conversion architecture throughout your entire site if you plan on converting website visitors into free email newsletter subscribers.

The following components of landing pages should be considered and utilized to their fullest if you want to have the power to convert website visitors into email subscribers. These include:

Learn How to Implement an Internet Marketing Strategy Model that Uses Free Content to Drive Online Traffic

Content producers and online publishers can utilize this modern Internet Marketing Strategy to reach niche markets while growing a fan base

(Nationwide)—Modern publishing professionals have stepped away from traditional publishing models by using free content as their internet marketing strategy to drive online traffic. A percentage of that traffic is then converted into email newsletter subscribers who receive fresh content from the publisher on a regular basis. The ability to reach an audience through emails helps to create meaningful relationships while also developing a potential revenue stream.

Week In Review: June 21st, 2010 – June 25th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

SEO, Link Building & PR

2 Ways to Approach Search Engine Optimization, Link Building & PR

8 MORE Best Practices for Email Newsletter Publishers

Part two of our best practice collection for publishers who want to create great email newsletters

12 Tips for Making a Good First Impression with Your Email Newsletter

Aim to impress and engage your email newsletter subscribers every time you arrive in their inbox

Is Daily Email Newsletter Frequency Right For You?

I suspect that 50 percent of Mequoda Daily readers should not be launching their own Mequoda System periodical website and daily email newsletter…

Maximize Email Marketing Revenue by Reconsidering Your Contact Strategy

Online Marketing Tools: Using an Email Lifetime Value Calculator to measure the real lifetime value of an email name

The essence of the Mequoda Method is to build a database of email newsletter subscribers, send them valuable free content, build your brand, earn trust, and eventually monetize these email subscribers by selling them paid products and services.

Online Metrics: Measuring Email Newsletter Revenue per Subscriber

How email newsletter contact frequency affects the annual value of an email newsletter subscriber

The online metrics of making your email newsletter yield more revenue

If he had been a consultant to our industry, the legendary Peter Drucker probably would have said something pithy like “measure your email revenue right, and measure the right email revenue.”

Lesson from the Obama Campaign: Email Marketing Rocks!

Using email newsletters to lower the cost of creating online brand building. When the history of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election is written, the role of the Internet, and especially email, will be recognized for having revolutionized campaign strategy more than any technology since John F. Kennedy mastered using television in 1960.

How to Calculate Your Site-wide Conversion Rates

How to build top level conversion architecture that will increase conversion rates and boost sales

Using Earned Media to Build Email Circulation

Should your internet marketing system include earned media?

Email circulation and revenue per email subscriber are the two key metrics for every Mequoda Marketing System. The first priority for system operators is building email circulation. The goal is to attract as many subscribers as possible to the free email newsletter and let the newsletter’s content do the job of filtering the good from the bad. The key concept is that customers who signup and stay active subscribers are those most likely to buy paid information products.

Risks of Borrowed Content

Want to use other people’s content? Are you ready to risk your brand for it?

Many of my clients are creating a book series that supports and monetizes their brand’s knowledge base and information architecture. Some are experienced book publishers and some are experienced periodical publishers. While both skills are required to be a successful Mequoda Internet Marketing System operator, most of my clients do not possess both sets of skills.

Website Designs that Pay

Specific guidelines for retail and media websites

When your publication is online it should be on a network of websites, not a single website.

Yesterday we discussed that one of your websites should be designated as an Internet Hub—a website devoted to accepting and generating website traffic.

But what about the other websites in your network? The ones that should be monetizing customers and fulfilling other strategic goals?

Email Marketing Strategy: Add a Press Release to your Email Newsletter

Why Harvard Health Publications includes press releases in its email marketing mix

Harvard Health Publications makes its email newsletter subscribers feel like privileged members of the fourth estate.

As part of its email marketing strategy, the publisher sends out only four email messages monthly, often mailing a modification of its press releases to the 50,000 subscribers to HEALTHbeat, its free email newsletter.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Creating a Healthy Organization

As part of your Internet marketing strategy, do you give your new customers a warm welcoming email when they subscribe to your email newsletter or buy an information product?

Some years ago, my wife worked with an Organizational Design and Development (OD) professional at AT&T.

These OD types are usually consultants to senior management who are responsible for troubleshooting systemic business problems, recommending and implementing improvements (process & organizational), facilitating team development and change management.

Using Internal Print Media Merchandising to Drive Website Traffic

Most Mequoda operators publish a variety of print information products. These books, magazines, newsletters and reports present an ideal opportunity to drive targeted website traffic to a Mequoda Internet Hub.

Four Powerful Tools for Converting Website Visitors to Email Subscribers

Online marketers have four powerful tools for converting website visitors to email newsletter subscribers:

All of the above are entry points into the conversion flow. They may link to the Rapid Conversion Landing Page or to the first data collection page in your order flow—depending on the amount of information the user has received about the offer.

How to Get on TV to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Discover how one savvy Internet marketing professional increased her targeted website traffic beyond her wildest dreams and generated 252,978 new email newsletter subscribers worth more than $3 million. Learn the simple steps she took to get on TV and drive targeted website traffic to her niche media website.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.

Using Keyword Marketing Clusters to Drive Your Internet Strategy

Discover the simple, keyword-driven Internet Strategy that hundreds of savvy authors, publishers and other information marketers are using to transform their books, magazines or newsletters into multi-million dollar niche media empires.
Keyword Marketing Clusters (groups of similar phrases used by people to search for information on the Web about a particular topic) are a driving force behind the Mequoda Internet Strategy for publishers and authors. This simple yet powerful Internet Strategy requires an author to focus their effort on specific Keyword Marketing Clusters, develop great answers to questions users are asking and then deploy that content in five ways.

2006 Resolution: Test Long Copy to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

After years of using light copy landing pages to sell subscriptions, one health newsletter publisher increases his landing page conversion rate by 31 percent with a long copy sales letter landing page.

Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.

Is Your Internet Marketing System What It Should Be?

While some Internet marketers use a single source to acquire new customers, others use an intricate Internet Marketing System of up to 13 programs to increase website traffic. What’s driving your Internet Marketing System?

How Fred Gleeck Uses Mass Market Books to Build His Email Subscriber Database and Sells Millions in Information Products

Discover how information-marketing guru Fred Gleeck uses a steady stream of mass-market soft cover books to drive subscriptions to his email newsletter database and the online media network for his vast array of information products and services.