Video Email Marketing: Is 2011 The Year For It?

Will you be testing video email marketing to increase click-through rates this year?

Late in 2010, many different marketing research companies have posed the question, “will 2011 be the year for video email marketing?”

It’s a valid question, considering that online video is finally getting its bearings and it only seems right that we’d start embedding in email our great new videos that are already increasing our landing page conversion rates, right? Well let’s see.

Marketing Thought Leader Don Morgan noted in an October article that GetResponse conducted a survey that “predicted a dramatic increase in the use of video in their email marketing program, with over 80% of respondents indicating they would begin or expand their use of video emails this year.”

He added notes from the Web Video Marketing Council study that showed 73% are already using video, agree that it increases click-through rates, and half of that percentage already using video in emails.

With that said, how many times have you gotten an email newsletter yourself with video in it? I can count on one hand how many video email newsletters or promotions I’ve gotten. All of which have come from other Internet marketers, likely testing their conversion rates.


Andy Shore from MarketingProfs wrote another article soon after talking about the fears that marketers have with video email marketing. For instance, do you think that video emails will get blocked? Not so, according to Shore, who writes that “email clients and Internet service providers blocked videos during email marketing’s infancy, but adding videos the proper way will prevent your email from landing in recipients’ spam folders.” He also goes on to debunk the myths that videos don’t convert and that email marketing companies actually won’t let you send emails.

A later article by MarketingProfs notes that only 21% of email marketers say that their email provider supports video implementation in emails.

So the moral of the story here is that video email marketing is buzzing. Have you checked with your ESP lately to see if they support it? If they don’t, are you able to request that they start working on it?

2011 should see an influx of video email marketing, and while some of us like to wait and watch to see what everyone else is doing, this is one more opportunity for any company to take a new marketing method and pave the way with it.


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