iPad Subscriptions Attract New Readers

Data from Bonnier’s Popular Science shows how other magazines might fare

Many magazine publishers have been searching for data on how iPad subscriptions have been selling.

This is especially true for smaller publishers who wanted to see results from big media brands before releasing digital subscriptions.

A recent article from Ad Age featured an interview with Gregg Hano, VP-group publisher at the Bonnier Technology Group. The interview focuses on Bonnier’s Popular Science and Popular Photography titles.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

-After three months, Popular Science has sold over 16,000 digital subscriptions, averaging between 150 and 200 new subscriptions each day.

-Within three weeks, Popular Photography has sold 3,500 subscriptions.

-Both publications are selling single issues as well, with Popular Science averaging around 1,500 per month. Popular Photography has reached 2,000 in only three weeks.

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-About half of all subscribers have shared their information (name, email address and zip code) with the publisher. For Popular Science, the average is at 50% while Popular Photography has reached 54%.

-Hano believes that around 95% of iPad subscribers are new to subscribing to Popular Science.

-There is expectation to continue building upon digital, while potentially offering bundles of print and digital, webinars and special interest publications.

Two big take-aways

The information shared by Bonnier is quite interesting, especially pertaining to the 95% of new subscribers. Perhaps these subscribers never decided to subscribe to print because they weren’t that engaged with the information in that medium.

As 50% of subscribers have decided to share their information, it can be seen that there’s a level of trust between users, the publication, Apple and this new platform. Publisher will likely work on boosting these numbers in the future, while using the social aspect of digital connectivity to attract more subscribers through current audience members.

What do you think this data that Bonnier shared means for magazine publishers? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And for more on this topic, take a look at this article from Ad Age.


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