Subscription Marketing: How to Market Your Super Club


How to use subscription marketing techniques to write an effective sales letter that sells a super club and boosts profits

If you publish a variety of subscription products for a single audience, you have the makings of a super club. Super clubs are the easiest money you will ever generate because their high profit margins are driven by content you already own and an audience that already trusts you and your brand.

By definition, super club is an all-inclusive membership revenue model that can offer everything from total access to print and digital magazines, to video training, to digital access to books and archives, to event discounts, VIP registration, exclusive discount packages on other products and any other club benefits that seem appropriate to the audience being served. 

If you already offer a series of other clubs, a super club might include a magazine club, book club, pattern club, recipe club, video club, course library, reference library and any other subscription-based product you offer or can imagine. We think super clubs are on the rise.

Cabot Wealth Network has a super club product called Cabot Prime. Instead of describing it for you in my words, I encourage you to read the current marketing letter from Tim Lutts, the chief analyst for Cabot Wealth Network and Cabot Prime.

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