The Value of Digital Magazine Publishing

A clear example of the digital publishing’s profitability

Many publishers have been curious about the successes that digital publishing can create. We’ve presented you with some examples in the past, and are bringing you a new example to present the possibilities to you.

Magazine and web publisher Future, out of the UK, has shared the information that, “UK digital revenues made up for print revenue falls between October and December”.

During this time, digital circulation and advertising revenue grew 51% from the previous year. The publisher believes this success came from putting 65 titles into iTunes after the Newsstand app launched this past October.

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This is the type of news that legacy publishers have been looking for. With the growth in tablet computing, the development of retail partners like Apple’s Newsstand, and software solutions like Adobe Publishing Suite for creating digital content, the stage was set for digital publishers to take action. Now, we are seeing more of the data we were hoping for.

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