Updated Digital Publishing Suite Has New Potential

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite made the initial ascent into digital magazine publishing easier for digital publishers. Now, updates have been made to Adobe DPS, which may make the software even sweeter.

From its inception, Adobe was focusing on helping digital magazine publishing work easier on tablet devices. Their reach, however, has changed a bit as they are going beyond the tablets and thinking smaller…smartphone smaller.

One thing from the new update is the ability to create digital magazine content for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A switch to the smaller screen will of course mean that publishers and designers will have to rethink their layout, but if this trend catches on, not only will digital publishers have more options, their audiences will too.

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According to VentureBeat, other updates include an Alternate Layout feature – which makes repurposing InDesign layouts for easy duplication – and improved analytics.

What do you think about digital magazine publishing getting smaller? Will it work well on smartphones, or is the tablet a better size? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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