WoodWing Brings Innovation to an Evolutionary Industry

Digital publishing isn’t exactly new. However, prior to the inception of the iPad in 2010, it was a horribly basic concept.

Publishers who created digital magazines typically did so as PDF documents. And we all know how inventive that is. Consumers weren’t too intrigued by this action of providing content digitally because the PDF was very limited. To read the content users would need their laptop or would need to print the content. The time and effort wasn’t necessarily worth it…but then tablets emerged and brought with them the opportunity to produce media-rich, engaging and interactive digital magazine content.

Since the tablet market has been growing, some online publishers have seen digital revenue increase. Sports Illustrated, for instance, saw a digital revenue increase of 22% between 2009 and 2010.

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Some of this success is due to WoodWing, a software program that allows designers to lay out multiple formats of a publication simultaneously. This includes both print and tablet versions. For easy editing, if a change is made to the print version, it can be automatically done to the tablet version.

This opportunity to produce and publish to multiple channels isn’t only reserved for print and digital; it can also be set to manage a content management system and social media networks.

The future of digital publishing relies on efficient digital asset management systems like WoodWing.


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