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How Digital Magazine Editions Are Being Designed

via American University

via American University

How do you design your digital magazine editions? Many digital publishers took to creating replica editions of their digital magazines so a lot of attention wasn’t placed into the design of the digital magazine. However, we’re now seeing more digital magazines being designed in landscape.

Three new digital magazines using landscape design are discussed in a recent article from Talking New Media. These digital magazines include: American magazine from American University, Inner Circle from Regent’s University London Alumni Magazine, and Journal Le Devoir.

The process of designing digital magazines in landscape shows that digital publishers are paying more attention to the devices being used to consume digital magazine content. The article from Talking New Media sees value in this. “…the effort to design specifically for the digital devices that will be used to read the publication shows that the effort is worthwhile.”

The article continues to say that each of these new digital magazines are worth reader downloads.

Read more about these new digital magazines designed in landscape at Talking New Media. 

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