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Time Inc.’s Multiplatform Publishing Presence

via Time Inc.

via Time Inc.

In the process of becoming bigger in multiplatform publishing, Time Inc. has put effort into building cross-platform collaborations.

The company’s digital video division is one of the expanding departments focusing on cross-platform collaborations, reports Ad Week.

Lightbulb, a new web series sponsored by Glade, is an example of these collaborations. Lightbulb features one-on-one interviews with famous actors and creatives that “will be pushed out across multiple Time Inc. brands, including People, InStyle and Essence, depending on the content,” according to Ad Week.

According to the article, this is the first “fully integrated cross-brand program,” and it includes 30-second pre-roll ads from Glade, a Glade logo on-screen when the interviews take place, and product integration that’s subtly displayed.

Lightbulb is a first of its kind but it won’t be the last. Time Inc. plans to roll out more of these integrated cross-platform advertising campaigns in the future.

Read more about Time Inc.’s multiplatform collaborations at Ad Week.

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