11 Tips from the Marketing Conference

11 Tips from SIPA’s Recent Marketing Conference

Check out these 11 tips from the Marketing Conference compiled by Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger Washington Editors. Greg served as the Conference co-chair along with Heather Farley of Access Intelligence. SIPA thanks them for their hard work and success.

From Larry Nusbaum, keynote speaker. He was the marketer behind Ronco and is now with the Leeb Group.
1. “You learn more from failures than from successes.” He also suggested “modularizing webinars.” My take on this is that people don’t want to hear the same voice for 45 minutes. Breaking it up into segments makes it easier to produce and less boring for the attendees.

From Mike May, director of insights for Real Magnet on email marketing:
2. Think of your email list like a penny jar. Small changes from day to day won’t make much difference, but the trend over a long period of time can make a large difference.
3. The end game of email is having people’s attention—not just having lots of people to speak at.
4. The more you send low-click-rate emails, the more the people on your list will start ignoring you. You are essentially training them to think your emails are irrelevant.

From John Rockwell of Sandow Media on building and leveraging communities:
5. LinkedIn is the social media to worry about for B2B. Facebook is less useful.
6. He said not to worry about the esoteric details of social media. The important thing is just to get your content out there.

From copywriter Bob Bly, engaging people on your website:
7. Think of the stuff on your website in three categories: stuff your prospects need to see (prices, dates); stuff you want them to see; and stuff your audience is interested in.
8. Tools to engage people—puzzles and quizzes (people have a built-in instinct for puzzles), games, videos, online tools, audio, blogs/forums, comics, pictures, stories.

From Rachel Yeomans of Astek also on engaging people on your website:
9. Bring your conversation to the forefront of your site, and you don’t have to be on every social media platform. Pick the one you can do best at.

From Jeremy Phillips of The Motley Fool on how to drive meaningful traffic to your site:
10. The goal of traffic is action—not page views, but conversions. (That’s how Motley Fool looks at it.)
11. To optimize a 1,000-word page for a three-word phrase, you only have to mention it twice. More than that and you might actually get ranked down.


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